Friday, July 24, 2009

Go Lap-Topping with Your WW Neighbors: Free Wi-Fi at the Circle!

Hi Everybody,

When it comes to revitalizing our city and taking back our streets, there are organizations and meetings, and then there are those individuals whose strategy is living by example--the "let it start with me" philosophy.

One of our West Ward neighbors has discovered something exciting--there is free wi-fi on the North side of the Circle downtown!

Bring your laptop down, get some work done and hang out in the sunshine at the Circle from 10:00 - 12:00 and you will likely find Tim there. This is a new, fun and productive way of balancing out the demographic at Center Square, which is many first time home-buyers' initial impression of Easton when driving through our City. It is something fun and free that can have an immediate effect on the appearance of our Downtown. And when our Downtown starts to fill with a vibrant, middle-class, the likelihood of middle-class home-buyers making their way up the hill to check out some of our historic houses in the West Ward increases.

I intend to go down there starting next week to do my bloggery, so come down and have coffee with your neighbors! : )

See you at the Circle!

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MillerTM said...

Just wondering... who do we thank for the wi-fi service? Whose is it?