Monday, August 3, 2009

Prescription Drug Discount Cards Available for Seniors

Mayor Panto has announced 14 locations at which seniors can now pick up prescription drug discount cards, for a savings of 20%. Please reach out to any neighbors that are senior citizens to make sure that they know about the program so that they can take advantage of the discount, and give them the closest location to their home (listed in the article below)--thanks!

Express Times Article on Prescription Drug Discount Cards for Seniors


Anonymous said...

I picked mine up at the downtown senior center. This is a great program. Thanks to the city I can now save some money on my prescriptions. Why can't the Feds copy this program?

noel jones said...

Everybody, please remember to reach out to your neighbors who are seniors to make sure they know about this program, and the closest location where they can pick up their prescription cards--some of them might not know about this new benefit yet--thx!

Anonymous said...

the benefit is for all residents, regardless of age or income.