Monday, August 17, 2009

Weatherization Project for WW Residents as Part of New "Green" Housing Grant

I just got back from the press conference at the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership today, and have the basic details on the new "green" housing grant that the CACLV/WWNP just landed for our neighborhood.  The program has two parts:

1. Weatherization for occupied WW homes: The program seeks to upgrade heating systems and tighten windows for 100 West Ward homes, at a rate of $6,500 per home, to make homes more energy-efficient and reduce heating bills in winter. To sign up for this program, call:

Tom Jones
Urban Conservator
West Ward Neighborhood Partnership
(610) 515-0893

2. "Green" rehabbing of unoccupied homes that have been foreclosed upon: The program will hire local contractors to rehab abandoned homes under the direction of Professor Erol Ulucakli, who teaches mechanical engineering at Lafayette College, and will make sure that the renovations to the houses will be to green/sustainable standards, using green materials, and energy-efficient design. The houses will then be sold to new home-buyers at a discounted purchase price. This will be a great deal in two ways for the buyer--the house will be inexpensive, and the residents will save a lot of money on heating bills once they move in, over what they would have spent in an historical home without this rehab. 

Don't forget to call Tom Jones ASAP to get on the list--I'm sure we'd all love to save on those heating bills in the winter!

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