Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Plot Thickens: Pat Vulcano & the EASD

So I've come back from several days out of town in Vermont, a state that I love, largely because of the political will of its citizenry, to find this ongoing story on Pat Vulcano and the Easton Area School Board in the headlines again:

Now, it's important to always keep in mind that comments to news articles on line are hearsay, but on line comments by citizens also help shed light on important questions to ask of the situation, so I encourage you to read not just the article but the comments posted by many residents after the article to get some color on the situation. Most importantly PLEASE NOTE: Pat Vulcano is so far running unopposed for re-election to his position in November.

Easton has got to get out of its decades-long rut of looking out for number one and complaining from a distance.  We have got to get involved in our local politics, whether that be by running for office, or simply attending meetings regularly, to keep our elected officials from running amok. If we allow candidates to run unopposed, or if we fail to vote at all, we have only ourselves to blame.  We currently have a Democrat running unopposed for our first ever West Ward Rep on City Council. We also have a D.A. running for re-election, who determines whether or not houses with multiple arrests are seized or not. And we have School Board elections as well.

November is right around the corner. It is time for everyone to make local politics our number one hobby until we have the elected officials that will actually do something for our neighborhood, and our city.

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