Friday, November 13, 2009

Neighbor Appreciation Week! (Not officially:)

Author: Lefemme

It's been a while since I've posted anything, not only because I get home at 6pm and have a bedtime of 9:30 so I don't get much done during the workday but because I have to be inspired to write about something. I can't just blog.

That being said, I was inspired early this week because of a certain event. After hanging out in Doylestown with my brother I was in the living room and heard a loud crash! My heart sank as I know living on my street we have about 3-4 hit and runs a year and I knew my brother's car was parked out front! I ran up to the third floor to warn my brother and we both ran out to the car to see that my neighbor was already out there and told us that his car was indeed the latest victim of the hit and run tragedy.

My neighbor Char has always been extremely helpful and friendly. She has lived in the house for 16 years (not sure how long she's been in Easton) but she knows everyone and is always happy and smiling no matter the stressful day she may be having. I know I'm not the best neighbor (not the worst but definitely not the best) I'm a cross between buttercup and bubbles (from the powerpuff girls ) but basically some days I'm outgoing and friendly and other days I keep to myself and am in "the zone". I literally don't notice anyone and am on a mission! But through it all she is always there to give advice, suggestions, willing to let me borrow her lawn mower when I first bought my house and didn't have one and there to explain to me how to bleed my rads which I didn't know I had to do in the 6 years I live here...Ooops!

For that and more I said thanks Char for being such a good neighbor :) on my ficticious neighbor appreciation week!

It is less than a week away from thanksgiving so instead of saying what your thankful for why not post what neighbor you'd like to appreciate and why :)


Easton Heights Blogger said...

I appreciate my neighbor Todd. we've been connected for almost 14 years. we help each other out w/ connected living type stuff, like shoveling and shrubs. he just hooked me up w/ some leftover drywall from a friend, so I can finish my bathroom!
he's a quiet neighbor also, which is great when you share a wall :) .

noel jones said...

David and I really appreciate our neighbor Greg and his family for being such great neighbors. Greg has led the Boy Scouts for years, so he's a regular McGyver and knows how to fix everything--he even knows how to make his own bio-diesel! He and our other neighbor Ted, own the two halves of the twin across the street from us. Between the two of them, they have every tool under the sun, and are very generous with loaning tools when we're in a bind. When I first bought the house, I didn't have a lawn mower (having moved from New York) and he just gave us his old push mower which is perfect for my skinny side yard. They have also been great about watching over our house when we're out of town, and share vegetables from their garden--they're just great all the way around--we couldn't ask for better neighbors!