Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinking of warm, summer days and ... pool time!

Just the other day as we were getting snowed in (again), I was thinking about warm summer days, summer breezes and sitting by a pool. Coincidentally, there was also a recent article in the Morning Call about our community pools and rates. The plan is to lower rates for families and raise rates for individual memberships.

"Desperate to make city pools stop leaking money, Easton officials are weighing a plan to lower season pass rates sharply for out-of-town families, in hopes of attracting enough swimmers to break even.

The proposal would also cut the cost of family passes for city residents while making individual passes for them at least 45 percent more expensive to encourage more people to buy family passes."

Typically, I drive to nearby friends and family pools for my poolside fix. This year I'm considering a pool membership. I can ride my bike to the pool, swim, work a little on the tan (maybe a short nap?) and head home. I'll save gas and get a work out.

An individual pass will cost $80. If I purchase before June 1, cost will be $65. Estimate approximately 10 weeks in the pool season, 2 visits a wk= $3.25/visit. Not bad.

Anyone else planning on joining? Any thoughts on our pools?


Anonymous said...

Eddyside & Heil pools are jewels of Easton. I prefer Eddyside due to the location along the Delaware and because it has a separate kids pool. However, Heil is just as nice, although a much larger pool. Both pools are managed by the Easton YMCA and the kids that work there are wonderful.
I have always wondered why more residents don't take advantage of these facilities. The city has been actively improving both pools over the last few years, and I've read that more improvements are planned.

noel jones said...

Thanks for posting this, Joanne. I'm excited to hear, in addition to making the pools more affordable for families, that the mayor and council are willing to get creative to try to save/make some revenue. The only thing that puzzles me is that it looks like they've dropped the family rates while raising in the individual rates--did I read the article right?

David is a big community pool fan, so I'm sure we'll be checking the pools out when summer and sunny weather come back around--it was great to see this photo first thing on the blog this morning--it reminds us that Spring is right around the corner--I can't believe it's already March!

Anonymous said...

Joanne, the individual pass I believe is actually lower if purchased before June 1. The original Bill was amended to lower the rate.

I also like the idea of a FREE day for residents to visit and experience the pools and the doggie day at the end of the year.

I prefer Heil Pool but Eddyside is nice as well. Both pools are well-maintained that I can assure you as I do go to both.

I am also happy that the city brought back the swimming team Great summer activitiy for our youth.