Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Latest on the EASD Tax Increase: Next Meeting--This Thursday, 6:30pm!

Are you feeling it yet?

Posted by: Noel Jones

Whether you were able to attend our resident meeting with Senator Mensch or not, please--if you are against the Easton Area School District's proposed 11.85% property tax hike on struggling residents in this economy--make it a priority to attend tomorrow night's EASD "workshop" meeting, which is part of the new schedule for monthly school board meetings. The workshops will be held every 3rd Thursday, and the regular school board meetings will be held every 4th Thursday at 6:30 p.m. What is the difference? As I understand it, the workshop is where you'll learn a lot of the details on various expenditures and cuts being

considered and can be a part of that conversation during Citizens Right To Be Heard, and the school board meeting is where the board actually votes on whether to pass them or not, and again there is the opportunity for residents to speak up.

Express Times Article by Colin McEvoy on EASD to Consider Teacher Cuts

The time, date and location for the meeting is:
Thursay, March 18th, 6:30 p.m.
EASD Education Center
1801 Bushkill Drive, 2nd Floor
Easton, PA 18040

The Easton Area School District's web site is liked on the lower right side bar of this page, and if you want to read what is on the agenda, look under the Agenda and Minutes tab, where

you can see video of previous meetings, and then click the tiny little "Meetings" tab in the upper left corner. When you read the agenda, be aware that each of the items can be clicked to read the details. It's good to at least skim read this before the meeting if you have a chance, but if not, they have printed agendas (without details) at the meeting.

At the last meeting several residents that came and seven spoke up--you can watch this on the EASD web site. At the meeting with Senator Mensch we had about 20 residents, and I'm hoping that many of those people will be able to come on Thursday night to speak up too--please spread the word! Post to your Facebook pages and/or simply cut and paste the time/date/location info above into an email and get the word out to everyone you know who cares about this tax hike!


Anonymous said...

What we need is for Ron Angle to come to our EASD schoolboard meeting.
He seems to be one of the few politicians who understands how to make cuts

Anonymous said...

Uh, I believe the county just raised my taxes? The only taxes that didn't go up for me this year were my city taxes and even my season pass to the pool was decreased. Hope to see a lot more of my neighbors at the pools. I prefer Heil but do do to Eddyside once in a while. Both are city gems that too few people use.

noel jones said...

I've just added today's Express Times article by Colin McEvoy to this post on how the EASD will be looking at teacher cuts tonight, since the teacher's union is refusing to put teacher raises on the table...

It's going to be a fiery meeting, I hope a lot of residents can make it!

noel jones said...

Thanks to everyone who came out to meeting--it was so packed that there was overflow into the lobby--the school board has promised to schedule the board meeting next week in the auditorium so that there will be room for everyone as next week promises to have even more people, including teachers, the union, parents, taxpayers, etc.

I will be posting a new article on last night's meeting shortly, so let's please continue the conversation there!