Thursday, April 8, 2010

5th Street Community Garden Update

Photo from 5th St. Community Garden
Last Fall's late lettuce hiding under a blanket of snow...
not long ago.
Let-tuce be thankful that's behind us.

Spring has mightily sprung(!) and looking forward to our 2nd year at the garden. This time last year, with the help of many dedicated volunteers, we were able to construct the beautiful fence and flower/vegetable boxes. This year we will be whitewashing the fence, refining our garden planning and maintenance, and get to know more of our neighbors.

The garden has the ability to provide us with many benefits! In addition to providing beautiful flowers, fresh herbs and vegetables, a community garden provides:

  • A gathering place to get to know neighbors and discuss issues that concern our neighborhood and community.
  • A place where children can discover gardening, especially children who may not have the opportunity to do so otherwise.
  • A place to enjoy.. read a book, draw, paint.
  • Bring your laptop? Haven't checked but there might be a signal.
  • Currently, we need to move a pile of mulch and a pile of woodchips. So, forget the gym membership and come to the garden.

Dates/Times to keep in mind for the 5th St. Community Garden

First offical day at the garden is this Saturday 4/10, 11-1. Please join us if you can. After this Saturday official gardening times are: Saturdays: 11-1 (ish), Tuesdays 5-7 (ish). Of course the garden is alway open and is subject to the same hours as our city parks. Enjoy the garden when you can.

Saturday, April 17th, 10-2. We will begin whitewashing the garden fence with the help of students and volunteers. Please come out and join us if you can.

On Saturday, April 17th, the West Ward will be participating in Lafayette's Lafapolooza Day. Landis Center students are planning an event in each of the seven pocket parks. These mini fairs will be part of a larger event that will take place at the S. 10th St. Community Garden (10th and Pine), the Easton Area Community Center and the S. 5th St. Community Garden (5th and Ferry). We may have a trolley available to enable participants to visit all the parks and gardens. A stamp book with a page for each park will be given to participants to complete.

It would be great if we could have a 'pot luck' gathering at the garden once a month on Tuesday evenings. What do you think?


David Caines said...

I think this is a great idea, our own first flowers of the spring are in full bloom and we should have flowers throughout the year. I won't be able to be there today, but perhaps one Tuesday in the future.
One other point that probably belongs elsewhere. Like everyone else in this economy we have a lot on the plate. And while my neighborhood may come across as a bit rough and tumble, it has gotten much better over the last two years.
The filming and stuff.
Honestly we don't miss much, but it is less because we are some hyper vigilant types than it is because the bad guys in Easton don't have much in the way of subtly. They tend to be loud (Doubly so in cars) crass and generally unaware that anyone ten blocks away can probably hear them..."Sneaking around".
It boggles the mind, and it interrupts the day. You hear something like that and you go look, otherwise we go about our lives and are pretty happy with one another. I just wanted to put this out in case anyone out there has gotten the idea that we're trying to be big brother or some such thing.
That really is not the case.
Best of luck with the garden and excellent effort,

Mike said...

Joanne, I write about local food for and would like to speak with you about the community garden. Where can I reach you?

Mike Buck

Joanne said...

Thanks for your note. Another benefit of the gardens: We get to observe more while being in the same place regularly. Happy gardening!
Can I email you at

Mike said...

Please send e-mail to

noel jones said...

Joanne--do we know yet when the next work day for the community garden on 5th & Ferry will be?

Joanne said...

Next work day is tomorrow, Sat., 17th, starting at 9am. We'll begin whitewashing the fence and moving mulch, wood chips. After tomorrow, we're at the garden every Saturday 11-1 and every Tues. 5-7.