Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easton Boys &Girls Club Skate Park Meeting @ 4:30 today

Just wanted to pass along this information for you informed citizens out there:

A Skate Park Initiative meeting is scheudled for 4:30 @ the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center, contact information as follows:

Boys & Girls Club of Easton
Easton Teen Center
1101 Northampton StreetEaston, PA 18042
I plan on attending and will share my hastily scrawled notes when I get a chance to post them. Hope to see you there!

Gavin J. Vincent


noel jones said...

now that i'm working a 9-5 again, these meetings are too early for me to make heart is with them though--i hope they get their park.

g_whiz said...


I'm fairly confident in these kids ability to win the day here. They're engaged, motivated and have some pretty impressive ideas and guidance at their disposal. I've got a write up I'm working on on the topic, but the School Board Meeting last night I want to get out of the way first.

carinne said...

Unfortunately, I had to miss this meeting. Gavin, how was it? Please post an update.

g_whiz said...

I'm preparing a post for tomorrow regarding it. Keep your eyes peeled!