Monday, April 26, 2010

El censo, puerta a puerta / The Census, Door to Door

Posted by: Tere

En Abril 23 las estadísticas de participación por correo del censo 2010, según el web sitio del censo fueron…
· Pennsylvania, 75%
· Northampton Co, 79%
· City of Easton, 68%
· West Ward, algunas partes 59% y otras 69%

El censo 2010, empezando Mayo 1, estará en la segunda fase de colección de información. Los empleados ahora van puerta a puerta a buscar la información necesaria. El lema del esta fase es “Abre su puerta al empleado del censo.” La siguiente información sobre el censo fue obtenido por el web sitio.

Quien es el empleado del censo?
El empleado del censo es alguien de la comunidad, contratado a recolectar la información de los residentes. La mayoría de estos residentes no devolvieron sus cuestionarios.
· El departamento del censo provee al empleado una libreta con las direcciones de residencias que no
devolvieron sus cuestionarios.
· El empleado vista a estas residencias y apunta las respuestas a las preguntas del cuestionario
· Si no hay respuesta en cierta residencia, el empleado visitara la residencia hasta tres veces e intentara comunicarse por teléfono hasta tres veces. También dejara un aviso de visita en inglés y Español en la puerta con un número de teléfono para llamar y planear una hora de cita.

El empleado solamente preguntará las cuestiones del formulario.

Tengo que hablar con el empleado del censo?
Sí. Su participación es vital y requerido por la ley, Sección 221, El Título 13 del Código de los EE.UU.

Dependemos de su cooperación y confianza, y prometemos proteger la confidencialidad de su información. El Título 13 del Código de los EE.UU. protege la confidencialidad de toda su información y violar esta ley es un delito con penalidades severas. Además, otras leyes federales, incluyendo la Ley de Eficiencia de Confidencialidad Estadística y la Ley de Privacidad refuerzan estas protecciones.
* La información privada nunca se publica
Revelar o publicar cualquier parte de la siguiente información está en contra de la ley:
Direcciones incluyendo las coordenadas GPS
Números de Seguro Social
Números telefónicos
Recogemos información para producir estadísticas
Utilizamos su información para producir estadísticas. Sus respuestas no se pueden usar en su contra por ninguna agencia del gobierno o tribunal.
Juramentados de por vida para proteger su confidencialidad.
Todos los empleados de la Oficina del Censo hacen un juramento de no divulgación y juran de por vida proteger la confidencialidad de los datos.
Violar el juramento es un delito grave
El castigo por divulgación ilegal es una multa de hasta $250,000 dólares o una condena de cárcel de hasta 5 años, o ambas cosas.

As of April 23rd these were the Mail Participations Rates from the Census website…
· Pennsylvania, 75%
· Northampton Co, 79%
· City of Easton, 68%
· West Ward, some parts 59% and some 69%

The 2010 Census, as of May 1st, will be in its door to door phase of data collection. “Open your door to a census taker” is the slogan for this phase. The following information was retrieved from the Census website.

What is a Census Taker?
A census taker is a person from your community who is hired by the Census Bureau to make sure that your neighborhood gets represented as accurately as possible. The census taker's primary responsibility is to collect census information from residences. Most of these residences have not sent back their 2010 Census form.

*The Census Bureau provides the census taker with a binder containing all of the addresses that didn't send back a filled out census form.
*The census taker then visits all of those addresses and records the answers to the questions on the form.
*If no one answers at a particular residence, a census taker will visit a home up to three times and attempt to reach the household by phone three times. The census worker will leave a double-sided (English and Spanish) NOTICE of VISIT in the doorway that includes a phone number for the resident to schedule an appointment.
The census taker will ONLY ask the questions that appear on the census form.
Do I have to talk to the census taker?
Yes. Your participation in the 2010 Census is vital and required by law, (Section 221, of Title 13 of the U.S. Code). However, rather than rely on criminal charges, the Census Bureau is very successful in getting participation by explaining the importance of the questions we ask and how the information benefits our communities.
The census taker who collects your information is sworn for life to protect your data under Federal Law Title 13. Those who violate the oath face criminal penalties: Under federal law, the penalty for unlawful disclosure is a fine of up to $250,000 or imprisonment for up to 5 years, or both.

Abre su puerta a los empleados del censo/ Open your door to a census taker.


Easton Traffic Lawyer said...

Buena buena! Sabes que hay un blog parecido que los residentes de East Greenbush, Nueva York han empezado. Suerte!

celticwarrior said...

Hay tere Why should I have to fill #8#9.When these are to allocate 400 billions of tax dollars.Which will go to administering bilingual programs for people of hispanic origin only.What this will do is invite those comeing over here illegaly to keep on comeing over. As if Arizona doesnt have a huge problem now. Ive been told that if you group a certain race of people you are a biggot. Now take #9 which is to monitor compliance with the voting rights act.But as I can recall when Obama was elected there which whome I did not vote for. There was acase in philly were several black panthers that were intimidateing white voters.Which was caught on video.Which at later date Obama and his office did nothing about it.So why should we fill out those two ques. I hope you dont get insulted if this is in english.Like I am know ing that my ancestors died in world war two thinking that if we didnt defeat the germans we were going to have to speak german.

noel jones said...

Bienvenidos, ETL!

celticwarrior said...

No obla s panyodle.god help us.

Anonymous said...

Yah CW - the germans settled this valley. Deutsch was spoken here both before and after WWII and still is in the heart of (Tea)"Party On!" PA. Your relatives must not have been from around here.

Anonymous said...

God is helping us.

celticwarrior said...

anonymous I dont recall seeing all those nazi swastika flying in pa.But you keep partying on and keep smokeing that good stuff.

Julie Zando-Dennis said...

Can we keep the focus on Tere's subject, which is about the census? Celticwarrior, I don't know how injecting racial politics helps us better understand Tere's subject. More importantly, how your racial hatred helps improve the West Ward. And isn't that the goal of this blog site?

g_whiz said...

And yes, Arizona does have a huge problem. Profiling based on race does more to damage the legal, law abiding citizens that happen to be hispanic or of latin american origin than it does to "stop them 'mmigrants". It also makes Arizona look like a cultural dinosaur.

Its not smart from a political standpoint to alienate and or target a huge chunck of your potential voter poplation, and simply put pretty likely Unconstitutional.

celticwarrior said...

Ok julie what part of questions #8 #9 didnt you understand.Well g whiz it has been proven that illegal aliens have changed an election.I bring up a valid point now its racial hatred.hay julie was racial hatred when a arizona rancher was murderd.Didnt see you marching in easton or passing some bill.You might not question such things but I do.Again julie were does question #8 help me.g whiz since I will asume you dont live in arizona were do you get off judgeing them.

g_whiz said...

I...was operating under the impression that this post was about census data. Lets get back on topic.

What is further, I "get off" judging them as an American citizen viewing something I feel is blatantly unconstitutional and potentially daminging to innocent people. The idea of right and wrong doesn't stop at the border.

Sandra Walters Weiss said...

Well I mailed my census in and also helped some Latino friends understand the process. Thank you Tere,your Espanol is better than mine but I can speak German and my maiden name was Deutsch.Yep.German,gypsy,Jews,who immigrated into this country! It is so important to get the census so much depends on it. Grant monies,political positions,projects!!
Thank you for the English and Spanish versions they were very helpful and oh yeah,right on Gwiz

celticwarrior said...

Yea right on gwhiz why dont you send your comments to the arizona deputy and his family.The one that was just shot by an illegal drug smuggler.Sure they will feel real good to here from you.Again there are two questions that I oppose and the name calling starts.To you liberals let take up a donation to this deputy and his family.

celticwarrior said...

thats wright gwhiz it is about the census data.And for the third time I will comment about questions #8 #9. Which I and millions of americans of all nationalities do question.Is unconstitutional for innocent americans to be murdered by those who are here illegaly. And I think it was julie that started with name calling like most liberals do. Unless you live what there going threw you should not be judging them.

Anonymous said...

I do not specifically recall questions 8 and 9 on the census form. However, I am not at liberty to debate the validity and/or the hidden motives of any of the census questions as I am not a census employee. If you do not agree with the questions or have any complaints please contact the Cesus Bureau. The information I posted is not my own. I obtained it from their web site and I posted it because, if you agree or not, the reality is there are a larger number of Spanish-speaking residents in this country, many of whom are US citizens. The website also offers the same information in many other languages as well. And lastly, please never assume I am offended be comentary in English, as this is my first and native language.

celticwarrior said...

Tere read your post word by word and maybe you might understand were Im comeing from.And english is my only language and why I feel a need to speak out.When someone has pride in there culture and not guilt like some I know.Its just hard to sit back and listen to this crap that is posted everyday.But dont get me wrong there is alot of other good stuff.The other day I watched this guy named I think it was Barack hussan obama or something.Telling us he needs for blacks latinos and woman.To vote his party in to power again.Can you see the disconnect. You see we can be biggots with in ourselves and not know it.

celticwarrior said...

Hay tere dont take it the wrong way.As someone told me we all know its not that alot of us dont think this way .Im just the one that will speak his mind.But if you think it brings us all closer together you keep on posting in spanish.You got to do what your hart tells you.God bless you bro.

celticwarrior said...

what no one wants to donate to someone who is protecting you and your borders.I rest my case.