Sunday, April 4, 2010

Latest on Street Sweeping: April 12th

Coming soon to a street near you!
Posted by: Noel Jones

You may have noticed the new posts for parking signs going in on your blocks lately--these are in preparation for the new street sweeping program in the West Ward, which is now due to start April 12th. There will be a full 30 days of resident "education" where people will be issued a warning, instead of a ticket, if they forget to move their car during the hours that the street sweeper comes by.  Although there is
understandably some nervousness among residents about anything that involves parking in the West Ward, we need not worry too much about this because the city has scheduled the sweeping hours from 9am-12pm only one day a week. Since it will be during the work day, most cars on each block will be gone already, making it easy for people who are home to move their cars to the other side for a few hours. The payoff will be much cleaner, more pleasant streets, improved property values, and a sense of pride in the neighborhood!

For more information, read Ed Sieger's article in today's Express Times here.

To see an interactive map of the new street sweeping routes in the West Ward, check Michael Duck's Valley 610 blog article here.

I would like to remind everyone that this new program is a result of independent residents getting together and engaging in their local

political system through public and private meetings to convince our city officials that this is something our neighborhood really needs. Progress does come to citizens who make it a priority to engage in our local government of the people, for the people, by the people. We elect our officials, and unless we participate and communicate, we miss out on the benefits of working with them to improve our neighborhood and our city.

A special thanks to Mayor Panto, Vice-Mayor Elinor Warner, the Public Works department and all the residents who came out time after time asking for a street sweeping program at public meetings, for collaborating to make this bit progress a concrete reality that we will be able to step out our doors and see with our own eyes. Things are looking up for the West Ward!


Nikkita said...

This is definitely exciting. My street probably isn't as bad as most but it will be a major improvement to our block!

noel jones said...

yesterday, i went around picking up trash on my streets, and someone had dumped and entire bag of loose candies in the street near the curb--ick! i can't wait. some from public works stopped by to discuss putting a sign post for the parking in front of my house and i was delighted. i don't know, maybe it's because i lived in new york so long, where there is a post of some sort every 20 feet or so, so the idea of one post in front of my house doesn't bother me at all--i'm glad people will be forewarned to move away from my curb so that the sweeper will get all the way to curb--bring it on!

on another sweet street note, i must say i've been really loving seeing all the neighbors getting out more this spring to walk around the neighborhood either with their dogs, or just for exercise. for some reason i'm noticing many more people out this year than before--there seems to be a new bit of optimism in the air...

Julie said...

I'm thrilled about the street sweeping. Every morning I have to pick out candy wrappers from the sidewalk and flower bed in front of my house. Very demoralizing. While some of the wrappers are dropped directly there, most are blown from the street by the wind. Thank you to all the city officials and residents who helped to make this happen.

Untouched Takeaway said...
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g_whiz said...

Completley agree here. On the one hand litter is a consequence of urban doesn't have to be as bad as it can get on my block. I find myself picking up plastic bottles and the like quite a lot.