Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shad News!

Posted by: Noel Jones

David is excited about fishing season this year, and now local fishing enthusiasts have even more to be excited about--it looks like Easton may become home to a new shad hatchery! I grew up fishing, but haven't done any in a while. Even so, I am excited about this development, because I have been saying for a long time that Easton needs to start redefining itself as a destination by emphasizing the assets we have that no one else has for miles around--the convergence of two major rivers, and one of the finest cold water limestone creeks in the nation.  I am an artist, love the arts, and am all in favor of recent efforts to establish Easton as a a destination for arts and culture, but while that requires some ground-up development, anything associated with our rivers, i.e., fishing, boating, kayaking, etc. is a no-brainer because we already have the natural assets to back it up and we should be developing industry around them and marketing them for all their worth. In my humble opinion.

You can read Colin McEvoy's Express Times article on the hatchery here, and for info on the upcoming shad tournament, click here.


Julie Zando-Dennis said...

The shad festival was one of the first things I learned about this region. I was living in the Midwest, but my sister moved to Lambertville (when it was still a sleepy town) and relayed that there was this thing called a "shad festival." Didn't know what a shad was (still don't), but could sense her delight over this bit of regional idiosyncrasy.

noel jones said...

Julie--the image of the fish is one that popped up when I surfed google images for "shad" so I hope this is a shad--if there are any avid fishermen/women out there who can verify this, that would be great!

Anonymous said...

This would be fantastic for Easton. I love fishing for shad, they put up a great fight and the taste is unbelievable. A lot of the local fishermen smoke the shad right in Scott Park. Hope the city "lands this one." Sorry for the pun.