Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visions for an Old Silk Mill

Posted by: Tere

Today I read in the Morning Call the article on the plans the City of Easton has to get developers in to start revamping the Silk Mill into residential and commercial properties and places for art and tourism. I am glad to hear this. Living close to the Mill I drive by it almost every day and it has always fascinated me. The size of it alone is impressive. But I do hope that part of the planning will go into repair and expansion of 13th Street. As it is now the traffic on 13th is very heavy through out the day, and I can't imagine how it would be if you added more traffic for residents, businesses and tourists attractions. That whole section of 13th from Route 22 to Bushkill Dr is heavily traveled and deserves attention, especially because it is one of the main entrances into Easton. Plans for the Street may be included in the proposals for the property or in some other plan the City has, but as of yet I have not heard anything about this mentioned. Ultimately there will be no point in developing anything if no one can access it easily. See the link below to access this article.



David Caines said...

The town/city ? of Manayunk, did something along these lines about 15 years ago, Shortly after thier main street was "Gentrified" and it worked well.
What had been a really nasty nieghborhood was turned around in fairly short order and last I heard the project was still thriving. So yes, we'd love top see something like this happen in Easton.

celticwarrior said...

From the time I have herd of the silk mill project.I have voiced my opinion like many of times on this site.That in a town of such poverty and not many of jobs for american citizens to go to.I would hope that this would create alot of new jobs.But as the article states the city wants to move quickly. Which would only mean to me is that the little guy once again will be overlooked and forgotten again. What ever grant money is given to this project Should hopefully get put back in our town. Some program could have been set up already to train american citizens for this type of work.Since jobs have been put on the back burner with immigration reform we should be the ones pushing for these jobs. This is why Celtic Warrior is here.

Anonymous said...

Sal Panto says:

Yes, we have applied for grants for the upgrade of the entire 13th Street corridor from the interchange north. If grants are not received from the state there can be additional funding sources through the developer for off-site improvements.

As for jobs: the master plan and vision for this project can be found on the city's website. Jobs will be created in the commercial area as well as many creative-arts jobs. However, this is not a site where you will find manufacturing jobs that can sustain a family. The city works with the surrounding townships and valley to bring those types of jobs to the LV. We are keenly aware of the need for these types of jobs and will continue to work to secure businesses that support these types of jobs. The area has enough minimum wage jobs.

The indirect benefit of this project is taxable properies paying their fair share to ease the burden of current rate payers. Additional residents means more income tax as well.

For all of these reasons and so many more, the rebirth of this mill complex will help the entire city.

David Caines said...

Hi Dan,
And thank you Sal for your voice here, it's always nice to know that the mayor is listening.
Dan I know that you mean well, I empathize, but if we need a push, it is here. Art is one of a handful of of non-coligate fields mostly unaffected by the failure of this nations borders.
We have a chance here to make something of value of, by and, for Americans. I can only hope that this project will engender your support and the support of those with whom you may affiliate.
It is possible that others may benefit, but not nearly as much as those of us who pay taxes and live here. I've watched this happen before, I know the end result.

celticwarrior said...

hay Dave I talk to celticwarrior he knows he should not have thrown that in. he wasnt talking about art.It was about the construction part he knows how those jobs get taken.you do have our support and you need a voice he s not no coward .

David Caines said...

Of that, I am well aware. HUAH.
Just had EPd here with a complaint against me. It seems the locals (those on the wrong side of the law) don't care for bieng filmed...go figure. EPd were professional, explained my rights and resposabilities, and let me know the limits of my right to film.
Even though I was on the wrong side of this one, Cudos EPD...I am now bettrer informed.
As to how things are done, I do get it. As a disable contractor, I get it, and with no racism involved.
ON my last job our was out bid by $30,000.oo by a team of ileagal Polacks who could have appeared on an S.S. recruiting poster, tall, blonde and blue to a man...I still called I.N.S.
Nonetheless, hopefuly it's less of a problem here than in jersey, where even my county employee, and police friends are feeling it.
In counties like South Brunswick, and Ocean...the counties have chosen to cut O.T. by privatizing which only means hirring American contractors with illeagal help. It has led to a handful of protests, two of which I have attended..and at least one march on trenton.
Still, if that is the way here, the end result may be worth it. Jobs for not only Americans, but Eastonians. I don't care where ileagals come from, Eastern Europe, Mexico, et al...they underbid the market and make life hell for the rest of us. I don't personally think that the mayor will take this route for such a project, though it may be done without his knowlege. In the end, we have a win.

David Caines said...

Ps:I don't believe I violated anyone's rights, but deleted the film just in case. Even the bad guys have rights, and I'll support that unilt the day I die. Some catch 22 huh?

Anonymous said...

I think if you are in a public space you can be filmed. Is everybody sure that this is not the case? Some may not like it. Maybe the cops cant do it but in the past unless there is some new law - an individual can. Check it out dont take their word for it.

Also lately on some posts on this blog people are identifying other posters by name even though the poster is using another name. I am sure this is not illegal but its not right and it makes me wary of writing in on this blog. If people are presented with a choice then they should have that choice. If you want people to go by their real names say so and limit the choices to verifiable identities. Dont out somebody. They may have very good reasons for being anon. That said...I sign off - Anon!

Cathy said...

Wow. People can carry around loaded guns but a camera is illegal weapon. Wow. Please take care of yourself David and know that just having the positive energy you have is sending invisable shock waves out where ever you are and it will have an effect. I am more worried about them knowing your filming than that you were filming and I bet that was what the police were thinking too. I hope that the police will assert their presence more strongly on your block as a way to back you up because otherwise this will appear to be a case of the police undermining a citizen and favoring the dealers,responding to their complaint but not to yours. Also, there used to be block watch sit outs where a large group of people would come to your block and sit out and stare down the miscreants. It seemed to be effective. The miscreants need to know you have lots of "friends." Is this something that would help you? Block watch used to do it alot but I havent heard about it lately. Maybe its time to dust that off.

Anonymous said...

If its an art project it would come under freedom of expression and free speech?

Or if its news. Come on. Its not illegal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mayor Panto for responding.

noel jones said...

Anon 7:45--I appreciate what you're saying, but no one need worry about being outed on this blog unless they are spewing bigoted remarks and harassing administrators, in which case they are asking for the attention and getting it. This has only ever happened with one very compulsive person on this blog, who can't seem to help himself.

One thing to remember is that being on a blog is somewhat like being invited into one's home. It doesn't make sense to come to party and starting insulting the host and guests. Eventually, depending on the tolerance of the host, the offender will be kicked out.

While freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by our constitution, creators of blogs get to control the content of their blogs, just as a homeowner gets to decide who gets to hang out at his/her house (that's why there are such blog tools as comment moderation provided to be used that the blogger's discretion). If someone doesn't like how a blog is administered, they should simply find a blog where they feel at home.

On this blog our administrators have gone to great lengths to encourage earnest debate, and in particular to encourage readers to disagree and present their points in a respectful, civil way, rather than setting out to personally insult someone, whether they be an administrator or a reader, and 99% of our readers/commenters do the same. If anyone finds that too constraining, they should find a welcoming forum on the Express Times on line.

You'd be amazed at how much I have had to coax many people to even check out this blog, because they have been so turned off by the vitriol that is common on other blogs. I tell them our blog is different, to give it a chance, that anyone bigoted or insulting will be deleted, but that it rarely happens. They are pleasantly surprised when they finally check us out.

I believe the reason that the ET on line tolerates that kind of behavior is because the newspaper industry is suffering so that it is heavily dependent on on-lin advertising, and on-line advertising is sold by proving how many hits a site is getting. If they were to delete all of the insulting, bigoted commenters, they would lose that readership, and perhaps a little advertising with it. However, The Morning Call is much more careful in what kind of comments it allows to be associated with its name, (cont.)

noel jones said...

and so this is an editorial decision in the end, made by each of these forums.

Bernie O'Hare, bless his soul (and his blog) has an incredible amount of patience with harassing behavior, and my hat's off to him, and I know that even he has had to resort to comment moderation from time to time, but really strives not to.

What we are after here at Neighbors of Easton is earnest, respectful debate. If a Tea Partier wants to say, "Hey, how are we going to PAY for this health care bill?" that is a perfectly legitimate concern, respectfully expressed and worthy of debate. But if the same person jumps on and starts insulting people with bigoted comments and the vitriol that has been polarizing (and paralyzing) important debates in our nation, we will run our blog according to our conscience, tolerance levels and sense of integrity, just like everyone else, delete when we need to, and out anyone who is clearly just posting to harass people after being asked to stop. It would be just as unacceptable for someone on the far left to post personal insults against anyone who wears fur, eats meat, supports nuclear energy, etc. It has nothing to do with where anyone stands on an issue, we simply expect people to act respectfully, control themselves, and participate in a genuine debate, rather than insulting people.

As a nation, it is critical that we re-learn to really talk to each other, listen to each other, and to debate respectfully. Unfortunately, even our congressmen and women are not setting the best example these days, which is why we have to set the example ourselves. Controlling one's self in a debate is another form of personal responsibility, and anyone who is taking that responsibility to heart on this blog has no need to worry about being deleted or outed.

Julie Zando-Dennis said...

I hope that the plans for the 13th St corridor include pedestrian and bike access to the Bushkill and Hacketts Park. And as a gateway into the West Ward/city, landscaping.

David Caines said...

Celtic Warrior,
My apologies, my intent was friendly not hostile, I may even be wrong about the name.
To all, I am sorry if I have taken a hard line on the education thing, but I feel that someone needed to .
As to the EPD, they did the job. They had a call and responded. Hopefully it irritates the EPD that the trouble makers are trying to use them as a weapon, but in any case I can't and won't complain about how they handled themselves.
NO harm, no foul.
Such things are why I teach my self defense students to talk to an attorney before talking to the police. Criminals lie, I'm kind of used to it. Though it was still upsetting. I knew the law, I handled myself well, I was respectful.. any police officer deserves at least that much, as well it's just my nature (mostly).
To our host sorry if I go a bit out of the box, this is my first blog I'm still learning the ropes. Thank you all for your support.

celticwarrior said...

Hay Dave no need to apologies only if you call me a liberal. If miss jones thinks im wrong on my facts then she should prove it.All she can do is call me a racist and a bigot.And delet the facts, if im wrong show me.But she has attacked me in the past with her self righteous liberal crap.But as a proud conservative I have taken here crap and keep on fighting for a town that I donot live in.
but enough about me lets focus on gettying jobs to american citizens in the town of EASTON.

Anonymous said...

miss jones are you for real.

David Caines said...

Thanks CW, while I do try to get along with all here, yeah there is a liberal bias. Oddly I'm mostly a moderate myself. I voted for Obama, support gun control (not too quite the extent of the far left), support GLBT equality, but not the immigration thing. Billions if not trillions of dollars and millions of lives have gone into making America what it is. I feel no great guilt as an American that somehow I have to "give" this gift (and anything you pay that high a price for is not a gift.) to any who come calling. If they want what we have, they (all illegals, all races, faiths, et al..) need to pay the price in their home countries, or find the means to come here legally. Hell I support legal immigration, America is founded upon it.
On a different note, does anyone know how the CCTV program is going here in Easton we'd like to be part of it.