Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amazing Grace

Posted by: Noel Jones

A few months ago, I was sitting in Terra Cafe downtown with my back to the window, talking to a friend. My friend who could see out the window, said, "I just saw Grace walk by a minute ago--do you know her? She so inspiring--in her 80s and still walks up Northampton Street every day for exercise." I said I didn't know her, and craned my neck around to see if I could get a glimpse, but apparently she was making good time.  Then a few minutes later, my friend got a call on her cell phone-Grace had been hit by a garbage truck.

Easton, while classified a small city, is a small town when it comes to gossip. Within minutes rumors were flying that West Ward resident
Grace Steckel had died. Perhaps it was because it was just too incredible to think that an 87 year old woman could survive literally being run over by a garbage truck. But in fact, Grace had not only survived, but after she underwent surgery that could not save her legs, the next reports were about her "feisty" spirit. And now--Grace is back. Below is an article by Ed Sieger of The Express Times in which Grace is quoted:

'Joined on Monday by family and the emergency personnel who saved her life, she sounded an optimistic tone.

"I'm waiting for my (prosthetic) legs to walk," Steckel said inside Easton's Central Fire Station.'
Suddenly all my excuses for not walking to work seem pretty lame.


Sandra Walters Weiss said...

Noel,I used to walk early,and often ran into Grace off on one of her many walk through town.She is certainly as resilient as one can be and I can't even imagine how one copes with loss of a limb.It only goes to show we must live each day as it were out last and be at peace with ourselves in whatever way is the best for each of us.My heart and prayers go out to Grace and her family and I would only hope my God would allow me to be so grateful and more importantly courageous! Thank you for posting your commentary and you feelings in such a thoughtful way!peace sandy

David Caines said...

Hi all,
Looks like we may finally have a gang presence here on the street at the house next door and I'm not entirely sure what to do about it as what we've done to this point has been preventative. Any ideas?

David Caines said...

9th and wolf BTW,

noel jones said...


Email all details to our two neighborhood police officers:

Russ Demko
Matt Rush