Sunday, May 30, 2010

Get on the Bus! GASLAND: The Movie

The documentary GASLAND, about natural gas drilling along the Delaware River, 
won the Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival

Posted by: Noel Jones

An invitation from anti-hydro-fracking Easton resident activist, Bob Johnson:

I am forwarding of the notice of the viewing of "Gasland" at the County Theater in Doylestown next Wednesday, June 2nd, 6 PM reception, 7 PM film, panel discussion afterwords. We already have a group of 6 going in our 7 passenger van. I have preordered 5 tickets and will add more for those who would like to ride with us. There is one more seat in our van. We look forward to filling that seat and caravaning a second car. It will be a thoroughly worthwhile experience. The funds raised will help with the legal expenses in dealing with the constant pressure to drill more wells in the Marcellous Shale.
Join us! We will be leaving our house, 705 Weygadt Dr. Easton at 5 PM sharp.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Bob Johnson

Gasland Movie - Join DRN June 2nd/ June 3rd & Damasus Citizens THIS WEEKEND!

Dear Friends of the River,

Please join us!

Award Winning New Documentary GASLAND & Director Josh Fox Coming to Bucks County June 2nd and New Jersey June 3rd for two Special Showings! And also showing

THIS WEEKEND in Narrowsburg, NY on May 23rd at 4PM at the Tunsten Theatre!

Delaware Riverkeeper Network invites you to join us and MEET JOSH at special screenings of GASLAND, a documentary film by acclaimed filmmaker Josh Fox to kick off a 20-stop tour of Pennsylvania and New York in a run-up to the June 21st HBO premiere of the new film GASLAND, winner of this year’s Sundance Special Jury Prize. The film exposes pollution and community impacts that are plaguing the places where natural gas drilling occurs, including Pennsylvania. As gas drillers get ready to drill in the Upper and Middle Delaware River Watershed, people need to know the truth about Marcellus shale natural gas drilling which would threaten the water supply of 15 million people, including us living downstream that rely on the Delaware River for our drinking water.

Wednesday, June 2 The County Theater, 20 East State Street, Doylestown, PA film at 7:00 pm $20 admission. Reception at 6:00 pm - meet Josh, refreshments $35 for film & reception. Panel discussion after the film – Panelists Nancy Janyszeski, Chair, Nockamixon Township Board of Super-visors, Bucks County; Carol Collier, Executive Director, Delaware River Basin Commission; Tracy Carluccio, Delaware Riverkeeper Network; and Josh Fox.

For tickets: Go to “event tickets” under “Shop”
All proceeds go to the work that Delaware Riverkeeper Network and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability are doing to protect the Delaware River Watershed from gas drilling.

Delaware Riverkeeper Network


noel jones said...

Did anyone go to this? If so, how was it--and approximately how many people made it to the event?

Dennis R. Lieb said...

I went. Approximately 150 people attended. Considering this was a $35/person fund raiser and many of the later showings elsewhere are free, I'd say a good turnout.

Practically no press. Practically no elected officials (one from Nockamixon Twsp and a rep from Patrick Murphy's office). This event kicked off an awareness raising tour for the movie before it's premiere on HBO on June 21st.
I will be blogging on the movie and the threat of gas drilling in PA. some time this week.

We are in BIG, BIG trouble.


noel jones said...

I heard today that a a hydro-fracking project in Clearfield County, PA has ruptured and the surrounding area is being evacuated for a one mile area. The well is releasing frack water and unignited wet gas, which caused the evacuation. In addition to the Emergency Management Agency and Department of Environmental Protection, teams from Texas were called to help control the situation and a command trailer was set up.Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials said a portion of Route 153/Forestry Road was closed to traffic.

Being as we are still dealing with the aftermath of the BP off-shore drilling fiasco (and will be, for months), I think it is time that we all wake up and realize that our dependence on unrenewable resources is dangerous to our health as a nation, and that the excitement over profits by some companies has been allowed, through deregulation over the last decade, to outweigh our safety measures. If we cannot control the safety of these projects it is time to admit that we are in over our heads and need to take a step back, and put some serious funding behind renewable energy development for our health and prosperity in the present and future.

Dennis R. Lieb said...


There you go...making sense again! Short-term profit trumping long term survival: business as usual.

The guy in the foreground of your photo acccompanying this post is Josh Fox; the maker of the documentary GASLAND. He is not just some guy looking to get recognised in the film world. He lives in the Delaware River watershed. His family homestaed is bordered by a pristine stream that feeds the Delware River. He has seen formerly similar pristine streams out west, adjacent to gas drilling operations, that bubble like sode pop and can be lit on fire with a match.

As we sit here in Easton, passively complaining about this and that, a destructive corporate force lurks in the wilderness to our north and threatens the very existence of places like Easton.


noel jones said...

Looking forward to your hydrofracking post, Dennis.