Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is Crime Being Pushed to Wilson?

Posted by: Noel Jones

I have noticed lately that Wilson has been in the news a lot because of bank robberies and drug busts. It makes me wonder if the coordinated efforts and improved relationships between West Ward residents and police officers are starting to push crime out of the West Ward and into Wilson? There have been three bank robberies (all on the same branch of Lafayette Ambassador Bank), a CVS robbery and a couple of drug raids in the last few months. It's good to hear that the Easton and Wilson police departments have been working together though, as the people of Wilson are our neighbors, and what affects them affects us.

I have spoken to residents at 6th & Ferry before, who feel that, because of their vigilance in past years, in sitting outside a lot in the summer, calling the police, taking photographs, etc., they pushed crime farther out into the West Ward, above 8th street (where I live). Now it seems like a lot is happening above 15th street...we still have our share of activity around here, but it's definitely quieter than the past two summers.

What do you think? Just a coincidence of news reports, or is crime getting slowly pushed West?

If you haven't heard, our EPD Police Chief, Larry Palmer, has had an undefined "health incident" and Captain Vangelo has been made acting chief in his place until he returns. If you would like to send wishes for recovery to Chief Palmer, feel free to post a comment here.


Anonymous said...

I wish Chief Palmer get well wishes. He has really helped our neighborhood and city. This place was a war zone four years ago.

Now for pushing drugs and gang activity into Wilson. NOT. Wilson is Easton -- crimes knows no municipal bounds. Wilson should have joined Easton 100 years ago. They are nbo different than us so please don't blame their crime problems on us. That;s absurd. Same as pushing it from 6th street to 8th. NOT. Heck our whole city is the size of most neighborhoods.

Let's just keep this administration, council and police focused on us. They are doing a great job so let it go. Let's not be absurd to think we cause their problems/ And another thing -- crime, gangs and drugs are rampant in Palmer and Forks as well.,-----------------

noel jones said...

Anon 11:29

"please don't blame their crime problems on us"

quite the opposite--the question is whether or not residents can take credit for being more proactive and cooperating with our neighborhood police...

Sandra Walters Weiss said...

I have known Larry Palmer for well over a decade and he has always been a huge support to the efforts of the Community.At the Block Watch organizational meeting where he went over the crime stats we discussed how efforts from decades ago by a group of Community Leaders started to collect such data. He was the victim of political B.S. by the previous mayor and thankfully was promoted back to the job he worked so hard to get..Chief! He has always been accessible to just about anyone and if it were not for him"Community Policing" as we know it would not exist!So keep them focused on us,they are and have been! and as far as the robberies at CVS and Lafayette Bank,give them some time and i bet they catch the thugs that continue to plague the area ! Get well Larry and please take care of yourself,a good man has your watch!

Anonymous said...

neighborhoods change, crime moves to where its easy. S 5th St used to be bad, now its pretty nice. wilson was quiet, now w/ more rentals, lower class of people, crime goes up. maybe wilson has more accessible businesses for crime. maybe its just a sign of the times. you can never really 'stop' crime, you can only hope to move it or minimize it.

noel jones said...

Anon 2:38--you may be right--all the more reason residents should keep the pressure on.

I saw a great quote on someone's office wall today:

"Shape your world, or someone will shape it for you."

--George Lew