Monday, May 17, 2010

Voting is Sexy! Tuesday, May 18th

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

Posted by: Noel Jones

Local elections have more direct effect on the quality of life in our neighborhoods than national elections but often suffer from low voter turn out, because we do not have millions of dollars on the local level to buy nonstop TV spots to bring our candidates faces and voices into our living rooms like the latest episode of Entertainment Tonight. Don't let this voting day slide by! In addition to the highly publicized senatorial race between Specter/Sestak/Toomey, a race for governor, and state representative, we also have hyper-local races happening in our neighborhoods for precinct captain seats on the Democratic Committee, as well as seats up for grabs on the state committee. These seats are very important  as they shape the committee that shapes the local Democratic party in Easton. Please keep an eye out for these lesser-known spots up for grabs, and vote for the person that you think will best represent your area of your neighborhood. You may be surprised to see some familiar names on the ballot.

Does anyone know if the Republican Committee also has candidates running for precinct captains this time around? If so, please post here.

Who are your favorites? Who should people vote for (or against)? Post your comments and may the best men and women win!


Julie Zando-Dennis said...

I support Joe Sestak for his support of socially progressive agendas, like gender equality and LBGT rights. He also has supported bills to protect wildlife and our natural resources. I also support him because he is a fiscal conservative and has served honorably in the military, where, incidently, he learned the injustice of "don't ask, don't tell."

Finally, doesn't anyone remember Arlen Specter during the Clarence Thomas confirmation process? After intense, hostile questioning of Anita Hill, Specter said that, "the testimony of Professor Hill in the morning was flat out perjury."

Never in my life will Specter get my vote.

Anne Marie Lauritzen said...

You're a woman after my own heart, Julie. Joe Sestak is the one PA dems should be voting for today. Joe Hoeffel is my choice in the gubernatorial primary having similarly liberal social views.
Vote for the County Committee candidates in your ward. They are way down on the ballot, but if you care about the direction of the Democratic Party in our city, take the time to choose wisely.
I have launched a write-in campaign to fill an open ballot slot for a female on the Democratic State Committee. I thought it would be a good idea to inject some new blood into the party at the state level. I would appreciate your support.
Write-in ANNE MARIE LAURITZEN-Democratic State Committee Member-48th District(Northamton County). Most importantly..VOTE TODAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe Hoeffel was against the Citizens Bill of Rights in Cheltenhem Pa allowing corporations to have more equal rights than real people. NOT GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Wish this post was a few days ago. Nothing in the ET today about the people we are voting for - probably a good thing as they are usually on the wrong side of issues when it comes to Easton i.e. being for the prison expansion, being against the take back of the river front for the residents via Larry Holmes Drive.

Anonymous said...

Definitely for Sestak. I am a Dem, As much as I admire Specter, he is not a Democrat. Voting records bear this out. Sestak has the record that demonstrates that he is a true Democrat. If Sestak loses, the fall contest will be one conservative Republican against one moderate Republican. I prefer a better choice. Not voting for that governor candidate from Pittsburgh. No Pittsburgh governor has done any favors for Easton. They come in get our votes and forget us. I am going with Conklin for Lieutenant Governor. He is a carpenter by trade. No carpenter ever did anything wrong by me. I'll take my chances.

Dennis R Lieb said...

People to avoid voting for:

Hoefel - against Citizen Bill of Rights and a fear monger during last fall's attempt to pass Bill through referendum.

Corbett - Was quoted directly as believing there is no such thing as local self governance in Pa...the state uses municipal charters to control municipal governance as a parent controls a child. His office defends corporate rights against the will of the People and considers their state corporate charters to be "contracts between equals".

Anyone from the old guard running for local Democratic Committee - ward positions held by the current Vulcano/Fleck political block must go. They are preventing real change in the local decision making for candidate selection. Go with those who represent the Easton Community Organizers program to regain control of the EDC.

It is amazing that with all the media outlets today, the best background info I read about the election was in an artist's free newspaper I picked up at a corner newsbox on the U of Penn Campus last week.


g_whiz said...

From everything I've read (which is somewhat late in the day) I've got a good feeling about Sestak too. I like his environmental agenda and his equality/inclusion stanse is exactly what I'm eager to support, especially in a Pennsylvania post Santorium.

david said...

don't forget to vote for Nikkita Frazier district 8 democratic committee seat and for Steve White for district 6...
these seats help shape the democratic agenda for the city. so go out and vote!

Anonymous said...

I wrote in "Anne Lauritzen" I hope I got the right spot. The machine is confusing. I also voted against the Vulcano-Fleck machine candidates.

Nikkita said...

Thanks to all that voted! I got myself 32 votes...same as my house number :)


Dennis R. Lieb said...

I shudder to ask but anybody know how many people voted?


Anonymous said...

Does this link to the stats on this election. If not go to Lehigh Valley Ramblings