Monday, June 14, 2010

Really nice tomato plants looking for good homes; 10th and Pine Community Garden update; 5th St. Community Garden update-- potluck change of date

Really nice tomato plants looking for good homes. We have extra plants at the 5th St. Community Garden. The little pots are submerged in the compost pile outside the garden and awaiting adoption. Please help yourself.

Community Garden at South 10th and Pine
The South 10th and Pine Garden is expanding! It has grown from four raised beds to nine with plans to build three more for a total of twelve beds. This spring Easton Community Garden friend and retired farmer, Jim Sandt from Bangor, PA built a hoop house over one of the raised beds; a hoop house is like an inexpensive greenhouse, made from clear plastic sheeting and a plastic frame the mini-hoop that Jim built cost about $150.00 in materials and is easily replicated. A hoop house allows a gardener to extend the season by keeping the air warmer within the house, plants can go in earlier in the spring and stay later in the fall. The hoop house at the South 10th and Pine Community Garden is planted with peppers,basil, and tomatoes. Other raised beds have potatoes, cucumbers, green beans,strawberries, dill, parsley, cilantro, summer squash, celery, collard greens and more tomatoes and peppers. One bed, which was full of lettuce, has already been harvested, providing many healthy salads to the garden members.

There is plenty of work to do at the garden. Besides three more beds to be built and filled with dirt, there is wood mulch to spread on the paths, tomatoes to be staked, another bean trellis to build, and more seeds to plant, including another crop of lettuce. With the hot dry weather, the plants need to be watered every night and this has become the job of garden neighbors and volunteers, Jonny, Angel, and Jimmy, three brothers who live near the garden, along with their many friends, these neighborhood boys enjoy caring for the garden, and bringing cilantro, parsley and basil home to their mothers.

The South 10th and Pine Community Garden is a communal garden, there is no fee to join, all the work and produce is shared amongst the volunteers. The garden is sponsored by the West Ward Neighborhood Partnership. To become a member of the garden, or for more information, call: 610-515-0891 and ask for Sophia Feller.

5th St. Community Garden Update
Due to scheduling conflict, our potluck that was scheduled for Friday, 6/18, has been rescheduled to Friday, 6/25 @ 5:30. Please join us if you can. Last potluck was very nice-- great food, conversation and the best view in town. So, to keep our potlucks evenly spread out, we will reschedule July's potluck to to Fri., 7/23; August's potluck to Fri., 8/27.

The 5th St. Community Garden is part of this year's Easton Garden Tour, Saturday, June 19th, 9-5. More information on The Almost Secret Gardens of Easton at


Anonymous said...

these extra tomato plants, could someone just come pick them up, or do I need to talk to someone? I planted a garden for an elderly lady on ferry; she had lots of room and great sunlight (just what I don't have), so we did a garden together. we have some more room so a few more plants would be great.

Joanne said...

Great. Just stop by the 5th St. Community Garden (5th & Ferry, right behind the Jacob Nicholas House). To the far right of the garden gate, outside the fence, you'll see a pile of mulch with tomato plants. They're still in pots so if you bring a bag they'll be easy to transport. Please take as many as you like. They need to get in the ground asap.

Anonymous said...

great thanks! I actually stopped by the 10th st garden but didn't see anything.
they will definitley be put to good use!

Anonymous said...

it was nice to meet you! we went right away and planted the 7 plants we got from you. thanks so much!