Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Message from Weed & Seed

A message from Laura Accetta of Weed & Seed:

THURSDAY JULY 15, at 6:00pm 
Please attend as Lt. Remaley and the Easton bike officers will be there to address neighbors concerns and take questions. There will be refreshments available for both children and adults earlier in the evening 4-5:00pm as well as age appropriate safety activities for the kids. Easton Blockwatch will be handing out information in how to sign up to keeo your block safe. In case of rain we have tents!

Please join us and let the Easton Police know what needed in the West Ward to maintain neighborhood safety. "It takes a Village".

Laura Accetta
Weed and Seed Site Coordinator
1 South Third Street
Easton, PA 18042
Phone: 610 250-2066
Fax:   610 250-6736
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Anonymous said...

raspberry street has a drug traffic problem that has been reported to the police . they should sit there late at night and watch the action on some nights.really getting tired of these scumbags.

noel jones said...

have you contacted the EPD and asked to talk with either Matt Rush or Russ Dempko? they are our neighborhood police officers and are very interested in getting to know the good neighbors to find out about activity that the EPD is not already monitoring. the number is on the side bar of this blog.

if they already know about it then there's a good chance that the EPD is keeping an eye on it to gather evidence. but what our officers need most are residents who are willing to testify.

but for residents who are nervous about that, you can simply make an anonymous call each time that you see activity, to keep police response focused on that block. you can also ask to meet confidentially with Matt and Russ, to tell them what you've seen.