Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on the Old EASD Admin Building

811 Northampton Street

Posted by: Noel Jones

Read the latest developments on the proposed sale of the old Easton Area School District admin building at 811 Northampton in this article written by Colin McEvoy. There is no mention in the article of when the next meeting will be, when the school board will vote on whether or not to sell the building to the buyer. I checked the EASD web site and did not see any dates posted past the date of the last meeting, so perhaps it hasn't been decided yet. I had originally heard that the decision was only being tabled for a few weeks (and that was a week ago). If anyone has more specific information, and/or opinions on the sale of this building to this buyer, post here!


Dennis R Lieb said...

Today's E-T editorial on the disposition of the Cottingham Building is completely off the mark. Nobody is asking the EASD to "give" or "donate" the building to anyone. There has also been no definitive decision whether the building will or won't remain in the district's inventory (perhaps as temporary rental space) until a better school use is determined.

How would the E-T editorial staff know what has been proposed when they haven't been privy to a conversation that has yet to take place? I wonder if their whole story wasn't just pulled from info I posted on this blog in the first place, so I put little credence in their analysis of the situation.

In any event, the original problem was a lack of long range, physical plant planning that goes back twenty years - before any of the current cast of characters were even involved. That's the legacy that needs to be overcome now. EASD has lost a lot of buildings and land that could have served useful purposes today if they hadn't been shortsighted in the past.

I'm looking forward to a new era of cooperation between the district, the city and it's residents that can be launched by the proper handling of the Cottingham issue.


Carinne said...

August 26th is the next meeting.

noel jones said...

Thanks, Carinne!