Friday, July 2, 2010

What We Fight For

By Dennis R. Lieb

View of downtown from South Fifth Street

Many of us are involved - to varying degrees - in the fight to preserve our community, our way of life and it's values. I don't mean "community values" as in some political slogan but the real, day-to-day kind of actions that protect order from chaos; that preserve dignity over disgrace; and that nurture a kind of renaissance from the physical decrepitude threatening our daily progress.

Within this environment there are times that our zealous dedication and commitment to these goals can create a certain fervor - even conflict; sometimes between the very people whom would otherwise be friends and allies.

We need to break away from the battle from time to time and take stock of what we've feel good about who we are and what we do. We need to encourage each other and share the feelings that threaten to divide us so we can become stronger as a whole.

Some of you know about my family picnic that took place on June 19th. It is the one time a year that we all come back together from across the map to reconnect and reacquaint. To eat and drink and play and laugh and not worry about the battles that lie over the next ridge (or during the next commission, board or council meeting). I hope those of you that attended enjoyed it since it is my feeling that you are all part of my extended Easton family. For those that couldn't make it, the next one is going to be better!

My sister Stephania and her family live in Virginia. They attend the picnic every year and she emailed me today to update me on some post-picnic happenings. She also sent along this YouTube link. I can't really come up with a better way to explain what I fight for in Easton than by having you take a look at it for yourselves.

Have a Happy Fourth of July and a Great Summer!


noel jones said...

Nice photo from the 5th & Ferry community garden--Last year we watched fire works from that spot for Heritage Day--does anyone know if there is going to be a fireworks display this year? And if so, where will it be--on the river?

I also picked some vegies from the garden last night and cooked them for some friends--so fresh, and FREE. I hope that more people will take advantage of the community garden this year...and while you're there, turn on the valve to the water tank in the back and do a little watering so that Joanne doesn't have to do it all--that way we can give a little while we take a little!

And don't forget there's a garden at 10th & Pine too!

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Easton, in its constant attempt to rewrite history, will celebrate the 4th with fireworks next weekend.