Monday, August 16, 2010

SUMMERSLAMFest: Youth Quest for Skate Park Continues!

Posted by: Noel Jones

The focused quest of Easton youth and those adults and local businesses in the community who want to see them get a skate park continues next Friday, August 27th, 11am - 8pm at Lower Hacketts Park with the SUMMERSLAMFest fundraiser, sponsored by:

Chic Fil A
Easton Boys and Girls Club
Cornerstone Church
Suddenly Samantha's Salon
Tiger Schulmann Karate
Amateur Athlete

There will be food and live bands, and Suddenly Samantha's will be giving cheap haircuts! The karate school will hold a demonstration at 1pm, and the skate boarding events will begin immediately after--all proceeds go to the Easton Boys and Girls Club skate park fund.

These youths have been working hard to raise their own funding for this project to provide a positive, healthy space for kids to ride their skate boards and BMX bikes, so why not come out and get a cheap haircut to support?


jason said...
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jason said...

Can't wait for the event It's going to be a great day!

noel jones said...

I can't even stand on a skate board, but I can certainly get a cheap hair cut and watch! I love karate demonstrations too...

I hope the bands are good...does anyone know who will be playing?

noel jones said...

I went to this and got my hair cut by Steven of Suddenly Samantha. Either he gave me a great haircut despite the breeze, or he had several plants at Porters last night, because I got three spontaneous compliments on my haircut from complete strangers, including one drunken girl in the bathroom who interrupted her conversation with the girl in the second stall to blurt out how much she loved my haircut as I came out to wash my hands. I had never seen her before in my life, but thanked her and then made my way back to the bar only to be stopped twice more by random women who said the same. So I want to thank Suddenly Samantha for my $20 haircut, and for sponsoring the Skate Park event, which had a huge turnout and the good luck of beautiful weather. I took pictures and will be posting on this soon...