Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're #1! Vote for the Easton Famers Market!

Posted by: Noel Jones

Take a quick second to vote for the Easton Farmers' Market--we're currently ranked #1 for Small Markets! Our farmers' market is the oldest continuous farmers market in America--something we can really be proud of--and this is a great way to bring some positive attention to our city--check it out!


Anonymous said...

We are very fortunate for the mroe than 70 volunteers that have made this farmers market so good. Hats off to Megan and Liz for ther leadership and the city for their support --- especially tyo the mayor for agreeing to reduce the circle to one lane.; That has been great.

noel jones said...

It has been very exciting this summer to see how robust the market has become--so many more vendors this year than when I moved here a few years ago--and so many more people coming out to enjoy it--it's definitely a valuable "third space" in Easton and fun to bump into people in a sunny, relaxed environment on the weekends.

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Just put in my vote with a plug for the management, the historic location and the vendors.


Anonymous said...

have any of you actually BEEN to any other farmers markets??? I'm glad that we have a 'market' in downtown, but it's hardly a 'farmers market' in the true sense of the phrase.
when I think of a 'real' farmers market I think of Reading, Allentown, and Reading Terminal. if you want to exclude those big indoor markets, then Philly and New York both have numerous real outdoor markets, where you can actually buy quantities of fruits and vegetables and dairy.
EFM has only a few real farmers (who are really niche or micro-farms), the rest are crafters.
again, I'm glad we have EFM, but its disingenuous and a bit haughty to try to claim the title of 'best'.
get over yourselves.

noel jones said...

Anon 7:34--I'm not sure why micro-farmers wouldn't be "real" farmers to you--would you prefer representation by Big Ag? It's Monsanto Day every day at the grocery stores, we hardly have need for a farmers market to help the big farmers. There are several "real" farmers that are represented at the Easton market weekly, which is why one needs to take a stroll all around the circle each week to determine where to get the best greens, etc. each weekend.

This contest is divided into small, medium and large markets--the markets you're comparing the Easton market to would be medium and large markets. Easton is currently ranked #1 among small markets. Not sure why that would inspire anyone to such a snarky tone, but if you'd like another small market to win, then by all means find one in the small market category that you think is better and vote for it.

Dennis R. lieb said...


If you want to discuss what is and is not a true grower's market it would be an educational experience for most people.I have no desire to argue about qualifications, but if we started examining the Allentown Farmers Market it wouldn't qualify as a grower's market under most parameters. It does fill a need in the local economy and supports community development. So does Easton's.

These kinds of national contests are PR devices for agricultural support groups to give exposure to the local markets and get people out to visit them. No harm in promoting your own...It isn't going to hurt anything.

If we want to have an honest debate over what the market should/could become over time be prepared to open a can of worms that will create lots of angst among the locals...not that the conversation shouldn't take place, but expect hurt feelings.

Wish there was enough time in the day to evaluate, streamline and perfect all the local resources Easton has to offer - markets, neighborhood decisionmaking, shade tree management, parking policy, traffic, revenue source development for public improvements, etc.

I'd do it part-time if somebody in City Hall could find $20,000-$25,000 a year for me. Anyone listening down there?


noel jones said...

I hope someone IS listening. One frustration I have with Easton is its penchant for either ignoring its human resources (the knowledge and experience within its citizenry) and/or its willingness to deplete those resources rather than sustaining them. I am glad that Mayor Panto was wise enough to invite Dennis Lieb to join the Planning Commission--that took some open-mindedness, considering he and Dennis had gone head-to-head more than once at public meetings. But you can only drain a human resource of their knowledge and expertise and energy for free for so long before they have to go spend that time working to sustain themselves.The same thing happened with Terrence Miller with regard to community policing/citizen outreach initiatives, and many dedicated residents in the community have given of their limited free time to spend hours on committees, subcommittees and commissions, only to have their ideas taken and credited to other entities with little more than a pat on the head.

It is time for the city to start finding creative ways to provide at least part-time work for the citizens who have demonstrated a dedication to revitalization over the years--this goes for nonprofits as well--to take volunteer hours for granted and take credit for residents' ideas, all the while claiming their volunteer hours as matching funds in grant applications, is only going to result in burning out the best human resources that our community--"community" meaning the body of residents living here--has to offer.

carinne said...

Anonymous- I have been to other Farmer’s Markets! Indoor markets feel more like grocery stores to me so I always prefer an outdoor market. Large outdoor markets always offer more products than small markets. That’s the difference between the words (large and small). Even so, when I went to the outdoor market in Park Slope Brooklyn I went home with one item (that I felt was unique and hard to easily find elsewhere). At the Easton Market it’s rare I walk away with less than 3 items (same deal). So yeah, Easton is my favorite small outdoor market by far… oh, I forgot to be extra rude and tell you… get over it!