Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Be Vigilant: Armed Robber and Attempted Kidnapper on the Loose

Posted by: Noel Jones

In an Express Times article Sunday, JD Malone reported that a female Lafayette student was attacked in the parking lot of a dorm, by a white, blonde, male suspect, mid-20s, 5' 4" in height, who tried, at knifepoint, to force her into the trunk of his gold car. It does not say how she got away,

but that she was treated at a local hospital and released. I really would like to hear the story of how she got away, because so often stories (especially in films) about attacks on women are portrayed within the frame of women being helpless victims that need men to save them. It is inspiring to women, who have to deal with potential harassment from men (who are, essentially, simply people bigger than themselves) on a daily basis, to hear the details when women are attacked and we fight back and win.

The suspect also robbed "someone" in the West Ward--the article does not give any details about the robbery in our neighborhood, but I'm assuming because he didn't say "woman" that it was a man that was robbed. The reporter goes on to say that a woman was robbed in the parking lot of C-Town on the South Side as well.

Most disturbing about all this, is that he attempted to abduct the Lafayette student. Thank God she fought and got away. It is very important that women take the time to learn to fight and defend themselves--it gives one a tremendous sense of confidence to know that we can do more than scream and wait to be saved. And it's always good to remember that pit bulls and dobermans only weigh around 100 pounds--most women weigh more than that, so we've got plenty of fight in us if we let it out to defend ourselves. Most men have the good sense to respect the power of a pit bull or a doberman--it's time they learned to respect us as well, and not try anything stupid.

PLEASE BE VIGILANT: this violent jerk is still on loose--keep an eye out for him and call the numbers listed on the right side bar of this blog if you think you see him. Again, he is white, in his mid-20s, blonde, 5' 4" and drives a gold car. 


David Caines said...

While no one is ever happy to read about this sort of thing...this is what I think is one of the best purposes served by a blog. Information about dangers and such that happen in the Easton Area. Hopefully this puts us all a bit more on guard, and reminds us that safety is not a guarantee.
I am of course thrilled to hear that the young woman got away, some of the best fighters I've trained in my life have been female. I don't know what basic self defense info Lafayette puts out, but the "one-in-four" program is well respected by most colleges, and is simply part of the curriculum at many.

Anonymous said...

Great work by the Easton police. They nabbed this guy within four days.

noel jones said...

Anon 10:38--do you happen to have a link you could post to the article on the arrest? I looked all through the ET on line and couldn't find it...if they caught him, that's great news.