Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Overflowing Auditorium for Dent/Callahan/Towne

Posted by: Noël Jones

I will be posting my general transcription of the debate later today, but for now, here are articles from the Express Times staff and Nicole Radzievich The Morning Call on the candidates forum last night.

The auditorium was packed--as was the overflow room. It was really great to see Eastonians so engaged in their political process!

If you attended last night, please post your impressions here.


Bernie O'Hare said...

I attended last night, Noel, and was imprressed most be the number of people there.

noel jones said...

hey bernie--i didn't see you, but that's a good sign because i missed a lot of people in that crowd!

there are so many issues on the table these days...i thought that the questions were good ones, but two major topics weren't touched on: education and health care. health was mentioned here and there as a side bar to discussion on how to revive the economy, but no actual question about how to reform the health care system in this country was proposed. the organizers did a great job, but i think they just ran out of time for all the questions that were written down by audience members, especially since Charlie Dent had to leave at 8pm sharp for another engagement.

did you flip cam it and put it on your blog? as a reminder to readers, bernie's blog, Lehigh Valley Ramblings is linked as a sidebar on the home page of this blog, and he posts tireless coverage of local political campaigns, among other issues. i'm going to go check it now...

Anonymous said...

how convenient that Dent had to leave right at 8 o'clock. Give me a break,, where was he going ---- to another big Wall Street fundraiser. I was not impressed at all with his smugness. -- look at me I am congressman attitude.

Fia said...

Mmmm, I recall that it was Callahan who had to leave at 8. I heard that it was no fun being in the overflow room, no video and the sound did not work until halfway through the debate, so many people left early.
Should be enough room for all at the State Theater.

noel jones said...

it was Dent that had to leave, because Callahan and Towne stayed around to talk to people until we were all kicked out of the auditorium.