Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Skate Park Fest a Hit: 200 Signed in at Fundraiser

Skateboarders and BMX bikers work out their tricks at the SummerSlamFest fundraiser for a youth skate park last Friday

Posted by: Noël Jones

I stopped by the SummerSlamFest last Friday around 3:30pm and after driving around for over half an hour looking for the entrance to Lower Hackett Park. I finally found it, and got my cheap haircut from Suddenly Samantha, who was donating all proceeds to the skate park project. The event was lively and well-attended--I was the 175th person to sign in, and the event was planned to run through 8pm. The local band, Troubler, was doing a sound check and getting ready to play, and a multitude of skateboarders and bikers were zooming around showing off their tricks. The weather couldn't have been better, and the youth, as well as other sponsors like Chick-fil-A, were all in great spirits. The only downer was that no one from the city was there. I checked in later with Jason Burson of Cornerstone Church, one of the organizers for the event (in addition to Dean Young of the Boys & Girls Club), hoping that maybe a representative from the city would have stopped by after work, but no one showed. By the end of the day, 200 kids and community members had signed the list.

These youths were having a healthy, safe, fun time, and I hope that the city is serious in the support they announced for this project earlier in the year. They set up tricks in an empty lot at the park that doesn't seem to be being used for anything else--it can't cost that much to manifest--I can't see one good reason these kids should not get this park after they have been working so hard to attract sponsors and raise funding for it. I'll keep the community posted on future fundraisers for this effort.


Nikkita said...

So where exactly IS the park located?

noel jones said...

If from Northampton you take a right on 17th and make a right on Hackett Ave., the entrance has two stone columns on the left that are obscured a bit by big trees, so you have to keep a close eye out while you're driving or you miss them.

Anonymous said...

shame SHAME neother of you know where Lower Hackett Park is! 2 people that are SO outspoken on what troubles Easton and you aren't even aware of on of its parks!
lower hackett connects to upper hackett by a path that goes over 22. going the other way, the path goes through Wilson and connects to the Palmer bike path, which can take you all the way back down to Lehigh Drive.
you might do well to familiarize yourselves with the area if you're to be taken seriously.

noel jones said...

I usually go to Hugh Moore Park. Not sure what visiting every single park in the area has to do with being taken "seriously". I love parks, when I have the opportunity to visit them, but when it comes to being taken "seriously," I tend to think attending city council and school board meetings, candidates forums, or anti-hydrofracking meetings--or helping to get out the vote--are a higher priority in getting "serious" about "the troubles in Easton" where I've lived for three years. Or, say, creating and maintaining a neighborhood network for communication, debate and information sharing that didn't exist before.

But you can't please everybody.

Anonymous said...

no, you can't please everybody, or hardly anyone at all. only 3 years? don't sprain your elbow patting yourself on the back for all you've accomplished. there are many people who've done way more than you for way longer but they don't go around praising themselves for it.
maybe it's news to you, but many people resent a newcomer coming in telling them what's wrong with the place.
attending meetings and setting up a personal soapbox does not a great community member make.
sorry, someone had to tell you.

noel jones said...

And what's your story, Anon? What are you doing for the community, because you certainly aren't contributing anything valuable here (two posts now), and you are off-topic. Any opinion on the skate park for these youths? Or do you just post on blogs to criticize the bloggers themselves? It's easy to sit back behind an Anonymous tag and criticize someone like Nikkita who has been here for far longer than I have, raised a beautiful daughter, and has still made time on top of a full time job for community efforts too numerous to lists here. Who are you and what have you done for Easton lately? Put your name on it, if you want anyone to respect your criticism.

And what about the skate park?

carinne said...

Thanks Noel for posting about this important fundraiser for the skate park. As a lifelong resident of Easton, I see a real need and benefit to the future skate park. Before the skate park idea, I had no idea where lower Hacketts Park was even though I grew up going to Hacketts Park as a kid. Since attending this fundraiser and supporting it, I am sure you saw how a skate park would attract kids, opposed to the park there now. I am sorry I missed this event due to sinus surgery.

carinne said...

PS- If it wasn't for this blog I would not be as informed of events and concerns of Easton. Having an organized site as a go to for info is so helpful.
For this I thank you. I feel bad that people who are too scared to post even their name force you to defend yourself, then call it "praising yourself".

noel jones said...

Thanks for posting, Carinne--and with your NAME no less ; )