Sunday, October 17, 2010

City Councilman Jeff Warren's DUI in Hellertown Not His First

Easton City Council Member and Head of the Panel on Public Safety, Jeff Warren

Posted by: Noel Jones

The Morning Call's Chris Baxter reports that according to records in our nation's capitol, Jeff Warren's first DUI was actually nine years ago in Washington D.C., not nine months ago in
Hellertown, as earlier reported, making the Hellertown incident his second DUI in a decade. Of course, reporters cannot be blamed for not knowing this to begin with, as Jeff Warren did not come clean when asked to comment, and Mayor Panto did not know of the first offense, because Jeff Warren did not come clean to him when asked about the recent incident either. There is still no further word on what the other "related summary offense" mentioned in news articles in my earlier post was, but one has to wonder whether this might not actually be Warren's third DUI.

At what point does the Councilman admit he might have a drinking problem, causing him to exercise great lapses of judgment, and that perhaps isn't the best choice to be leading our community as the head of the Public Safety panel for council? There is little more dangerous to our public safety than drunk drivers. Seriously. And let us not forget that the Hellertown traffic stop was for speeding--after which he turned out to have .18 percent blood alcohol--over twice the legal limit--and that, an hour and a half after being arrested?

And at what point does our mayor ask him to step down? When do we as a community speak up to say we have better citizens in our community to lead us on public safety, one of the most serious issues facing our neighborhoods, and that in addition, this is not the kind of reputation that we want for our city?

Again, this is not about liking or disliking Jeff Warren the man, whether or not he is worthy of love, or judging anyone who fights their heroic personal battles against addiction. It is about whether we as a community elect and retain public officials who exercise the best judgment as leaders of our city, trusting them to guide us through an era of depression and blight to eventual prosperity.

Come on, Easton--stand up. Stand up and touch your nose.


Anonymous said...

Warren should learn his lesson and listen to the advice of the mayor. He should have reported all of the factrs and apologized. The Mayor was correct when he said he was expecting a public apology at the city council meeting last Wednesday and should have fully disclosed his past one as well.

Jeff you need more maturity and drinking and driving is not a mistake --- ot's against the law!

noel jones said...

All the more reason for the public to show up at the city council meeting this Wednesday at 6pm, Alpha Building, 5th floor...

Dennis R. Lieb said...

Beyond the drinking and driving incident there is a clear case of stupidity here as well. Anyone involved in Lehigh Valley politics - especially public saftey issues - has to know that Main Street in Hellertown has been the crux of serious speeding and pedestrian saftey concerns over the past five years. Bob Freeman even got involved to increase enforcement and traffic calming improvements along the road.

Anyone with half a brain whose been paying attention knows that the last place to drink and drive or speed is on Main Street in Hellertown.


noel jones said...

when the next city council agenda is posted on the city's web site, i will post it here as well-the next city council meeting will be this wednesday at 6pm on the 5th floor of the Alpha Building (downtown on 3rd St. next to the Crayola Building).

El Warner said...

On Tuesday the 26 we have a budget review session at 6 PM on the 6th floor of the Alpha Building. On Wednesday at 6 we have our stated session at St John's Lutheran Church, 330 Ferry Street. We're meeting at St. John's temporarily, while Council Chambers are undergoing renovation. Hope to see you there!

noel jones said...

Thanks, El!

noel jones said...

In The Morning Call's Valley 610 blog poll, over 65% of readers feel that Jeff Warren should step down as head of Public Safety: