Wednesday, October 6, 2010

EPD Gets Its Tactical Unit Back

Posted by: Noel Jones

Michael Buck reports in today's Express Times that the Easton Police Department's tactical unit, which was disbanded after the shooting of an EPD officer by a fellow officer a few years ago (resulting in a hefty lawsuit by his widow) has been reassembled, met accreditation standards and will be back on the streets soon. The necessary equipment costs $12,000. A large part of the reason for reassembling the unit is that because of the state budget crisis, the City of Easton has been told we can no longer rely on state police back-up for drug raids. We are told state police will continue to help on any hostage situations.

What do you think? 


Anonymous said...

As a law abiding citizen I feel safer knowing our copsare being trained in special situations. I understand that the mayor will only allow the team if they are accredited by an outside agency. I think that is also smart given the history. Our cops are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Easton's finest and again doing a great job. Our two community officers in the West Ward as well as so many others really care about making my neighborhood safer. I also agree tht these types of police units shouldn't be announced until they are breaking down some drug dealer's door at 5 in the morning.

David Caines said...

I for one am thrilled. And I think that the announcement makes sense. It is unlikely that local criminals don't know that we haven't had a Tac Unit, and it may be a step in the right direction towards getting some of the drug traffickers out of Easton. I don't know what the department was like before, but the EPD has shown itself to be a pretty professional bunch.

g_whiz said...

Oh I don't know, I'd rather like to know when my tax money is paying for new administrative developments, whether they're a benifit to the community or not. I remember (vaugely) the story surrounding the unit's disbanding. Its good to have it behind them I suppose.