Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watch the Video: Debate between Sestak and Toomey for U.S. Senate!

Pat Toomey (R) on left and Joe Sestak (D) on right are running to be your next U.S. Senator

Posted by: Noel Jones

Only six days away, on Nov. 2nd, we will vote on who we will send to the U.S. Senate to represent us! This is a critical race, whether you feel it's important to send President Obama a team to help him, or whether you feel it's important to try to send more Republicans to the Senate as a wake up call to the President, this is one of the critical elections to get informed on.

Please watch the PCNTV video of the October 20th Debate between Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey, post your impressions here, and remember you can also read about the candidates' positions on the issues in The West Word Voter's Guide by clicking on Downloadable Documents on the right side bar of this home page!

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