Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Easton Area High School Band Finally Gets A Flight To Participate in San Diego's Holiday Bowl and Bay Balloon Parade After Storm Delays

EAHS band members toughing it out at the Thanksgiving Day game.

Posted by: Noël Jones

Good news for the band! The Express-Times reports that the Easton Area High School band of 180 members finally got a flight out of Newark Airport late Tuesday night after two days of delays. The kids will get to play at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego after all, as well as getting to march in the Bay Balloon Parade.

These kids have been working hard all year and planning on this trip (which they and their parents raised money for themselves) so I'm really glad to see them get to go!


tunsie said...

I love U Noel jones

Anonymous said...

OMG give it up Tunsie whoever you are.

tunsie said...

Terrance leave me alone U only turned up after el was mentioned...why dondt U look for that red head that looks like a clown....karma

noel jones said...

tunsie, the topic of this post is the high school band finally getting to fly to california despite the winter storms--i appreciate the "love" but let's please stay on topic--thanks!

tunsie said...

Alright,alright I will stick to the topic,it is diffficult for airlines to re-arrange a few trips to accomodate one cancelled flight,let alone hundreds,when U have to get a hundred teenagers on one flight to be in a destination before 3 or 4 days,it can be daunting.I was on a flight from L.A. to sydney with 250 kids,fortunately I was in business class but those stewardess looked like they went thru the wringer taking care of those kids It is the business of air travel they are in,I am happy they got there.i wonder how many stewards pulled thier hair out on that flight....I still love noel.and No it is not because she sings jazz,and shes beautiful,and shes sooooooooooo nice.It's because shes the bestest....Tunsie