Friday, January 7, 2011

Easton Area Restaurant Week January 23 - 27

Kelly Huth reports in an article for the Express-Times that this year's Easton Area Restaurant Week will be held from January 23rd through the 27th, and will include:

Sette Luna Tuscan Trattoria
Vintage Restaurant & Bar
Marblehead Grille & Chowder House
River Grille
State Cafe and Grill
MeGs and MaDs


tachitup said...

Ooh, I love this, I'll be doing 5 lunches and a dinner or three that week.
Only one west ward place...whuddup?

tunsie said...

the first restaurant event wasn't held like this.there was not lunch and dinner offered at a special price.It was a charge of a set fee and U walked around and got samples from each restaurant as a way to introduce people to thier menu.It was on a sunday and in the square they had a jazz band...I love u noel....tunsie

Anonymous said...

sorry Tunsie but you are confusing Restaurant Week with the Channel 39 Restaurant Tour. Tha event is in April and iot was so successful last time in Easton that now they are doing one in Allentown and Bethlehem. I saw the mayor on Ch 39 the other night mannin the phones/ The other two mayors joined him this year.

The Restaurant Week event coming up offers a fixed price lunch and dinner at participating reataurants. That too is a great event.

We are fortunate to have so many fine restaurants in our city. They need our support.

Anonymous said...

I crack up when i hear people in Easton talk about going to places like Olive Garden, Outback, Carrabba's, etc. The local restaurants offer better quality food at prices similar if not lower than places outside the city. For example, French Onion Soup at Pearly Baker's with melted mozz is $5.00 and in a restaurant in Palmer, the same size, not as good tasting, is $6.50. HMMMM you decide.

Supporting our local businesses keeps the money here in our city. The better they do the more business taxes thyy pay helping to keep our property taxes level. It's a no brainer.

The same was true with many of the stores I shopped in over the holidays. More and more of my gifts came from local merchants. OH yeah, my friend bought her large caramen and chocolate apples from the Quadrant downtown. She said they were not only better and fresher than Mrs. Prinda(something) but about $6 - $10 cheaper.

HHHMMMMM. Better quality, frecher and less expensive. See you at our local merchants in dopwntown and the neighborhood.