Monday, February 28, 2011

Anti-Bullying Film, "The Turtle and the Nightingale" To Be Screened Today at the Boys & Girls Club Teen Center

Easton Resident, Gershon Hinkson, Writer and 
Director of The Turtle and the Nightingale

Posted by: Noël Jones

If you and your kids missed the first two screenings of Gershon Hinkson's powerful anti-bullying film The Turtle and the Nightingale, you will have another chance to see the film and meet the director at noon today (Monday) at the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center at 1101 Northampton Street in Easton.

Hinkson, as a filmmaker and concerned father, wrote and shot the film while living in London, after addressing bullying issues in his daughter's school. It is unique short film in that it addresses the pain caused by bullying, while examining the causes of bullying as well. The film shows compassion for both bullies and their victims, and is an inspiration to both parents and kids alike.

For more information, please contact:

Dean Young
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Easton
Easton Teen Center
1101 Northampton Street
Easton, PA  18042

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Sandra said...

Kudos to Dean Young for showing this to the kids at the club. I have seen this and it is a powerful piece of art.
Bullying is unacceptable and the video demonstrates what the out comes could be.Plus the teens that do get to see this I am sure will have a great discussion afterward.I am sorry I could not be there,as I know many of those kids and they do become interactive about subjects like this. Perhaps you could let us know how it went and how the discussions were.I am interested to know. Thanks SWW