Thursday, February 24, 2011

City of Easton Takes Another Step in Community Policing

Posted by: Noël Jones

In yesterday's Express-Times, Ed Sieger reports that the City of Easton's Weed & Seed program has won a $50,000 grant to teach a leadership training program involving residents and police officers in an effort to expand community policing in our city. 


david said...

It should be interesting to see if he can find ten to fifteen residents to train, but it sounds like a decent program.

Anonymous said...

Easton continues to get better. Thank you to the city, Weed and Seed, WWNP, EACC, Teen Center, and all of the groups workig hard to make it happen.

david said...

Agreed, is there a way to volunteer for this thing?
It's nice to see weed and seed under new management, I'll have to poke a nose in and see if I can be of help.
Nationally, community policing has turned around many places that have been given up for dead. EPD definitely has the want and the wherewithal, and with proper support we could be looking at a fairly cleaned up city.
We've only been here three years, but the changes have been dramatic. People who once thought the police their enemies now call them. Patrols are regular and noticeable.
I would like to see a bit more money spent towards public information regarding safety lighting, legal community action and such, but this is a solid step in the right direction.
Mayor Panto has said that he wants to entice working families , and clean safe neighborhoods will be a key to that. If only the schools could be brought up to speed.