Tuesday, February 1, 2011

EASD Projects Possible 5.8% Property Tax Cut for 2011

Posted by: Noël Jones

It sounds a little hard to believe, and I'm not going to pretend to understand this math, but somehow Colin McEvoy reports in the Express-Times, that Easton Area School District Business Manager, Marie Guidry, is projecting a possible 5.8% cut in our property taxes (and either more potential teacher layoffs, or a big dip into the district's $24.87 million in reserves) for our area this year. Of course, this is not a sure thing, as the district will run an $8.5 million deficit in this scenario, and even though the school board voted in November not to petition the PA Dept. of Education for the right to exceed this year's tax cap of 1.7%, they still have the opportunity to rescind that vote by Feb. 16.

According to the article, the next school board meeting where this will be discussed and decided upon will be Wednesday, February 9th, with a snow date of Feb. 15th.


David Caines said...

Umm...I'm with you on the math, isn't this the same bunch that wanted to put through an illegal property tax hike just a few short months ago?
Suddenly they no longer need money but have some to spare?
Wow, EASD is playing something fishy...but I have no idea what.
I guess we'll see how it plays out, but still it is just a bit incredible.

tunsie said...
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noel jones said...

PLEASE SEE MY LATEST POST ON THIS--Guidry is now saying she made a mistake on the math and that they want to RAISE our taxes 1.6%...