Saturday, March 12, 2011

9 Citizens Step Forward to Challenge 5 Easton Area School Board Positions

5 Easton Area School Board positions are up for grabs, and filing 
for primary candidates closed on Tuesday. The new candidates are...

Posted by: Noël Jones

As reported in the Express-Times by Colin McEvoy, two new candidates, Michael Brett (D) and Frank Castrovinci (R), have joined the field to vie for 5 open school board seats this year. There are a total of 9 new challengers for one seat from the South Side (Kerry Myers seat--Myers is not running for re-election), one from Forks (Kerri Leonard-Ellison's seat), and three from Palmer (Pat Fisher has decided not to run again--the other two incumbents are Millie Mandarino [cousin to the Vulcanos], and Jodi Hess).

Below is the full list of candidates, all of whom have cross-filed with both parties, except for Michael Brett who is only running as a Democrat:

REGION I (3 seats; Palmer/parts of West Ward)

  • Bob Arnts (R - retired EAHS history teacher)
  • Robert Fehnel (R - former Wilson School Board President)
  • Jodi Hess (D-Incumbent)
  • Millie Mandarino (D-Incumbent, and cousin to the Vulcanos)
  • William Rider (D--former Principal of EAHS)
  • Richard Siegfried (R - former EASD School Board President)
REGION 2 (1 seat: South Side/Downtown/parts of West Ward/Riegelsville)

REGION 3 (1 seat: Forks/College Hill/parts of West Ward/parts of Lower Mount Bethel)

  • Frank Castrovinci (R - brother of EASD Administrator, HR Director John Castrovinci)
  • Kerri Leonard-Ellison (R - Incumbent)


noel jones said...

What are reader impressions of these candidates? I am especially interested in impressions formed from direct experience that anyone has had with these people.

No personal attacks, just the facts--thanks!

david said...

I'll admit I'm impressed bye this, and I think it is in no small part due to this blog and it's coverage of local events.
Nicely done people of Easton.
Nice to see democracy the way it was meant to be, as a bit of a brawl. I look forward to hearing from our candidates, here and elsewhere.
I encourage them to use this resource as a sounding board and or for debate. There is a lot on the plate right now.

noel jones said...

should be interesting--and i would love to see other "third party" candidates join the race after the primaries as well--better debates that way!

david said...

I'd like to see some 3rd ,4th and indies as well. The more indies the better, but both the Tea party and Libertarians are shaping up as third and fourth parties. It would be nice to humor our founding fathers and be rid of parties all together. Still, for the moment, any alternate choice would be nice.
I'll admit I lean more toward libertarian, but the tea party has a point or two.

Clem said...

Rider - retired principal, whose wife is a highly paid bureaucrat at Colonial IU 20, where they put in workout rooms for the elitists, and hide the likes of Dennis Riker with a six figure do nothing job until his cronies find him a job elsewhere for more money.

They have secured a great life courtesy of the taxpayers. Why not just give a junkie the keys to CVS and say have at it?

God, I feel for you guys if that is what you've got to work with.

David Caines said...

I offered to teach self defense to girls who hold a 3.0 or higher under the old weed and seed and they looked at me like I had a third head. The offer stands. We should do something for those who do well, not just the "At risk" crowd which grows with every advantage we gyve them. Rewarding failure and ignoring success is the wrong way to go.
I would need a teacher to volunteer, preferably female, or a police officer, again preferably female.
The reasons should be obvious, still, those who achieve should get something here and now for the effort. Granted they'll make a lot more in ten years than those that we chose to support here and now...but why wait?
Why not create a culture of success...or if you prefer ...elitism. I prefer the path to equality that raises all, the way we did things when this nation was number 1, not number 14.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully we in the Easton regionnow have a credible candidate in Mike Brett. He is a fine young man, smart and hardworking. Frankly the other three, DelBacco, Pintabone and Timman are in way over their head if they should get elected.

DeBacco is a Tea Party Republican who could never manage a $150 million corporation. Timman is the same, he tried to get on city council twice now and never comes close.

Anonymous said...

Bill Rider for School Board?

God help us. Despite getting a $50,000 bonus upon retiring from a high school that NEVER made the grade on state tests for the 8 years he was at the helm, Mr. Rider has stated privately that his goal is to get Sue McGinley.

This is bullshit we don't need on an already high dysfunctional school board who approved a teacher's contract without reviewing it. THESE IDIOTS ARE TO BLAME FOR THE CURRENT MESS IN THE EASD!!!!!

David Caines said...

Anon- See if you can get him or others here for a bit of a Q+A ?
I'd love to hear from one and all. Lets have na old fashioned town meeting?
I think it is clear that all involved watch this blog, so how about a few rods from our candidates?
Silence is sometimes louder than, let's have some words.

noel jones said...

Anon 9:32 makes a good point (albeit not too diplomatically)--experience is great, but we need to look closely at anyone running who has served in the district (or on another board) before to get to know their record, and to also understand what their relationship to the a) administrators, and b) teachers union might be.