Saturday, March 19, 2011

OK, It's REALLY Spring Now

Crocuses in the back yard...

Posted by: Noël Jones

As usual, I have not followed my own advice and am late with planting my seedlings again, but will try to get to it this weekend. For anyone else in the same boat, my favorite place to order seeds from is Seeds of Change. Let's all make Monsanto really mad by ordering heirloom seeds, and then harvesting our own seeds each year, instead of buying their genetically engineered plants and making them rich (and eventually master of our food source). This small rebellion is as important as any other--Monsanto is working hard to put all family farmers out of business by accusing them of intellectual property theft when the wind blows Monsanto plant seeds onto small farmer's property, or suing them if they buy Monsanto seeds one year and then save the seeds and replant the following year...bastards.

Let's all build hoop gardens and eat our own produce! It will save a lot of grocery money when all the food prices spike in the next gas crisis.

Enjoy this pretty weather!


noel jones said...

If anyone has favorite gardening sites, nurseries, or stores for tools and supplies, please post here!

ferebee said...

Spring Equinox party tonight! ^_^

noel jones said...

please tell me I am hallucinating and there is really not SNOW on the ground this morning! i keep blinking and it won't go away. the crocuses are all covered up--i am vexed. the forecast was for "rain" not SNOW.

a friend said to me this morning that we should demote the groundhog to a warthog.

here is the forecast as it stands now:
it will "rain" all day, high of 60 DEGREES
sunny and 55 tomorrow--low of 35
42 and rainy on Wed--blech
more "rain" and 44 on Thurs, with a low of 25 DEGREES--meaning it will freeze for sure, and i will fall asleep to the waning screams of crocuses
Friday--sunny, high of 46, low of 28 DEGREES, when i will fall asleep haunted by the ghosts of crocuses
Saturday--same thing.

this sucks!

noel jones said...

this is why i am not a weatherman

ferebee said...

okay, noel, where did spring go? you said it was here but i don't see it!!! :(

noel jones said...

off partying with the warthog, apparently.