Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Salsa Lessons at Mother's on Sundays in Easton!

$10/person. Call Ellie at (610) 231-3755 or
ellis123@hotmail.com for more info!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Easton's night life just got even better! Mother's Bar and Grille on the SE corner of Centre Square in Easton, under the new management of the Simonetta family--mother Tara, and brothers Joseph, Anthony and Michael, is now hosting salsa dancing lessons every Sunday night from 7-9pm, followed by Dj-ed salsa dancing from 9pm - Midnight!

As you can see, I am so excited about this new development in our town that it makes me abuse exclamation points. I will try to tone it down, but it's hard. Salsa is not just sexy--it's also a great way to meet people, and when it comes to exercise, it's way more fun than the gym!

I had the opportunity to chat on the phone with salsa instructor, Ellie Valera:

Q: Where are you from, and how long have you been teaching salsa?

A: I am first-generation American who moved to Whitehall from New York, and my parents are from the Dominican Republic. I've been teaching for almost six years in the Lehigh Valley at local colleges and workshops all over.

Q: What type of salsa are you teaching?

A: I'm teaching "on 2"--that means you're stepping on 6 beats over an 8 count with 2 and 6 being the emphasized steps. "On 1" is the salsa that most of us learned at home from our parents. But back in the 80s, "the mambo on 2" got really popular on the East Coast. There's a lot of "on 1" still happening in

California and on the West Coast, but "on 2" is much more popular in New York and on the East Coast.

Q: Are you teaching alone, and is there a limit to the class size?

A: Yes. I can teach up to a group of 40--whoever wants to learn. I've been getting about 8-10 a night at Mother's so far.

Q: The flyer says "no partner required"--if we come with a partner, can we just dance with them, or do we have to switch off?

A: Everyone will rotate partners--you learn better when you dance with other people.

Q: Any recommendations in terms of shoes and/or clothing for the ladies--it's pretty casual there, isn't it?

A: Soft sole flats, casual attire, and a smile!

For those who already dance salsa and don't need lessons, the DJ starts up at 9pm, but for those of us who want to learn--or to brush up--the class is a great way to get warmed up before the other dancers get there. I can't wait--Vaminos bailar!


David Caines said...

I learned salsa years ago, but haven't had the option in quite sometime. It's a fun style of dance whether fast or slow, and believe me a fun time will be had by all . It can be quite infectious really. If we can go, we will. I never got slow salsa, couldn't quite adapt to it, but the faster pace is just my speed and a world of fun. I know, I always crack on the illegals, and favor a shared tongue under law and as such most think me a full blown racist, but I do have a deep respect for other cultures, it's just that here in the states I favor mine.
When I've gone to Mexico or Africa, or anywhere, I speak the language and sample the culture, it's only polite.
And I can tell you, salsa is a world of fun both to watch and to participate in. If we can go, believe me we will.

noel jones said...

David--this post has nothing to do with illegals--at all. Please give it a rest and recognize when a post is simply about good times to be had--Vaminos bailar!
Zip it, and dance!

David Caines said...

I agree, was just making a point that sometimes I times I get taken out of character. Or more honestly that his means does not properly portray me. Salsa predates ourselves and hankers back to Spanish shores. Arguably it is of Basque descent, and yet I learned it in puerto ricco, From a child of mixed ethnicity. Who questioning her sexuality sought American aid. I did my best. She went through the reconditioning of the church, and I'm told found herself as a lesbian..still, she taught me the dance, and I thank her for it, and wish her well
It is a fascinating bit of culture, a non sexual physical means by whits we may come to know one another on a somewhat intimate basis.
I highly recommend it to one and all, as it transcends language and allows one human to know another without words. We will be there if we can.Save me a dance?>
I do know the steps, fast steps at least. Jeanette won't mind...we've danced it quite a bit ourselves.

David Caines said...

I do prefer the waltz or fast step truth be told, but salsa has a magic of it's own and must be experienced to be understood.

david said...
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noel jones said...

I will save you a dance if you will stay on topic.

noel jones said...

I went to this class and it was a good one--seven people so everyone got face time with the instructor, Ellie, who was really upbeat and good at breaking things down and getting the steps across. I finally figured out how to step into the turns right! Looking forward to the next class.

Joe said...

Hi Noel, this is Joe from Sunday Night Salsa at Mother's. I have been traveling, but went on 5/22. Have you been to class? How are you? I hope well.