Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Moon!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Being fixated on the war in Libya and the nuclear meltdown in Japan, I somehow missed the news on Saturday that there was going to be a 'Super Moon' rising that night--a rising in which the moon, being on the shortest part of its elliptical orbit around us, is closer and appears much bigger in the sky than usual. This impression is also most exaggerated when the moon is just above the horizon line, where we have physical references like trees and buildings to compare it to in our minds, as opposed to when it "moves higher" in the sky, and appears smaller.

Luckily, I stopped by Porter's Pub, Easton's best back-up news source, and was told that it was happening and was invited over to a friend's house to view the event. Unfortunately I did not have a decent camera or tripod on me, so I didn't get a picture. These are the two coolest pics I found on the internet--if anyone got a great shot here in Easton and would like me to post it with a credit, please send it to and I'll be happy to.


noel jones said...

when i did finally see the super moon, it was really high up, and did look pretty, but not like anything in these pictures--did anyone see it big and orange on the horizon as it was coming up?

tachitup said...

The damn thing woke me up. Before sunrise I awoke to a bright light in my eyes. I couldn't believe the size of that thing!
Glad I got to see it again; I saw it on Friday night, but nothing beats near the horizon.

ferebee said...

supermoon was super! i wish every saturday was supermoon. and this saturday... earth hour! party partty.