Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CALL TO ACTION: 3 Days Left to Submit Public Comment on Fracking!

Watch this video and then Click Here to tell the DRBC not to 
endanger our river with toxic shale gas drilling.

Posted by: Noël Jones

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) has proposed regulations that allow shale gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin, the source of Philadelphia’s drinking water. The DRBC is only accepting public comment on water contamination concerns until April 15th--Please take a moment right now to click the link above and submit a comment!

The New York Times recently confirmed that gas drilling wastewater with radioactive elements, toxic chemicals, and salt is being and has been discharged into rivers across Pennsylvania.

And here is another New York Times article from yesterday's paper on the added threat of air contamination citing a new Cornell study that proves that natural gas is not cleaner than coal, as the industry is always saying in their commercials.

If you do not want your way of life destroyed--in other words, to be made seriously ill (as 19 families in Dimock, PA just 2 hours north of us have), to have to purchase bottled water and tanks of water every month for cooking, bathing, cleaning and drinking, and to have your property values destroyed (because who will buy your house if you can't drink the tap water?) then please do this now to speak up and fight for our tap water!

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Ken Sturzenacker said...

The Philly Inquirer also reported on fracking in PA, in a front page story this past Sunday (the 10th) that focused attention on two other
layers of natural gas, one generally at less depth, the other at greater depth, than the Marcellus shale. Needless to say, each layer comes with its own set of risks....

noel jones said...

Thanks, Ken--had not heard that yet--if you have the link, please post for other readers...