Friday, April 29, 2011

Corbett Suggests Natural Gas Drilling on College Campuses Could Fill Holes Created by His Budget Cuts

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett speaks to the Pennsylvania 
Association of the Council of Trustees at Edinboro University 

Posted by: Noël Jones

Sean McCracken of the Eerie Times-News reports that Governor Corbett, who received $800,000 in campaign contributions from the natural gas drilling industry, suggested in his speech yesterday at Edinboro University that colleges might be able to offset his recent cuts to their budgets by allowing gas companies to drill on campus! I kid you not!

It's not bad enough that gas drillers are dumping frack waste into the Delaware, threatening the drinking water of 15 million people in 4 states, and not enough that gas wells are blowing up around the state and spewing toxic frack water all over homes, fields and streams, as in the Bradford Country blowout recently--now, he thinks we should risk blowing frack waste all over collage campuses and students to make up for holes created by his recent budget cuts!

Seriously--you can't make this stuff up. These drillers and politicians who support them just want to be rich and powerful and DO NOT CARE about our health and safety anymore--we have to be willing to fight for ourselves. Please call or write your state representatives and senators  TODAY using the links on the right sidebar of this home page.


david williams said...

i think it's a great idea. while they're at it, they should open elementary school playgrounds up to fracking as well. that way, the little kids can participate and learn their future trade that much earlier. they could work instead of being in the classrooms and have real on the job training!

brilliant! Corbett is a true visionary!

noel jones said...

excellent idea! since we're having trouble funding the county nursing home at Gracedale, we could starting fracking on that property to pay for it too!

Cathy said...

This is a link to Russ Feingold's pac that is targeting a roll back of Citizens United. As long as that Supreme Court decision stands its going to be a game of whack a mole for ordinary citizens trying to beat back predatory corporations and the politicians that front for them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy never ceases to amze me. No wonder he hid during the campaign he didn't want anyone to know his platform./

david said...

This truly is just frightening. Good to see that the 1800's style robber baron is still among us. Interesting to see how some advance morally and some don't.
Well, I've emailed all and sundry, but I'm not holding my breath.
I invite all to do the emailing, if nothing else, when wells start blowing up on college campuses you can say that you tried to do something about it.

noel jones said...

thanks for sending the emails, david! please everybody, keep them coming! make it a weekly thing, save the body of the first one you write and edit it a little each time so that you're not re-inventing wheel each time you write. once you have an email in your sent box, then you already have the email addresses, and the body of the letter to edit. it doesn't have to take long at all after the first time!

politicians like Corbett want to stay in power, and want their party to retain power, so the only thing that is going to break through the influence of all those campaign contributions from corporations is the fear of retribution from voters, so there needs to be a DELUGE of calls, emails, letter-to-the-editor, etc. if we each knock one off every once in a while, it will add up to a lot!