Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Correction: EASD Region I School Board Race Heats Up

The three Region I incumbents: left, Millie Mandarino; center, 
Pat Fisher; right, Jodi Hess. Fisher is not running 
for re-election, Mandarino and Hess are. 

Posted by: Noël Jones

We are just three weeks away from the May 17th primary and Colin McEvoy's article for the Express-Times gives us the rundown on the six candidates (2 incumbents and 4 challengers) running for three open seats on Easton's School Board. If you are in Region I (Easton precinct 8-W; Palmer) please get to know as much about these candidates as you can, so that you can make an informed choice for your school board representative on May 17th!

There will be a candidates forum on Wednesday, May 11 at the Chrin Community Center at 7pm so that the public can meet the Region I candidates and see them in action before voting for them--please try to make it a priority to go before making this important decision!


tachitup said...

So, shouldn't the folks in the 6th, 7th, and the 8's know the issues and their candidates too? For that matter, why not everyone in the city, nay...district?

For the residents in region 11(stupid font, that's s'posed to be a Roman numeral 2): There is a Candidates Forum! At Cheston Elementary on May 9, at 7pm.
Candidates DelBacco, Pintabone, and Timmann will be there; sponsored by league of Women Voters and PTA. The race could be decided there.
Read up on the issues, come out and ask questions!

noel jones said...

Thanks for the info, tachitup! Was this publicized? I didn't see it in the papers, but am glad to know it's happening...

noel jones said...

i just realized that this is actually the Region I race, which i found out will have it's forum on Wednesday, May 11 at the Chrin Community Center at 7 PM. i've made the correction.

anyone in Region II, should attend the candidates forum that tachitup posted in his comment: Cheston Elementary, May 9, 7pm.

no more complaining about the school board--it's time to take action! get to know your candidates and make an informed choice when you vote--and convince everyone you know to go to the candidates' forum and do the same!

noel jones said...

being that this is a 6-way race, any reader opinion (please back it up with some sort of experience--or a link) is helpful for others trying to assess these candidates.

i have nothing against incumbents Jodi Hess and Millie Mandarino--but my personal observation at school board meetings is that they both play extremely safe and rarely speak up. i think we need people willing to speak up and do some serious problem-solving. i also hesitate on Mandarino because she is a cousin to the Vulcanos, a family that already has far too much power in this town.

i would like to hear from other readers as to their experience either from school board meetings or personal interactions, or even from what they observed in the media on these incumbents and their challengers.

the election is right around the corner TUES MAY 17--we have no right to complain about who is on the school board unless we are doing everything we can to get to know about these candidates so that we can make informed choices on election day. sitting back, pointing fingers and complaining is worthless. it's time for us each to take part in this democracy, and that takes more than voting--it means doing one's research on the candidates, getting out neighbors out to candidate's forums, spreading the word and getting out the vote on MAY 17.

please post your impressions of these candidates here. and stayed tuned for a post on one of the challengers...

noel jones said...

people interested in this race can also check out my recent interview of Bill Rider...