Monday, April 11, 2011

Get OUT and IN it! Extended Bike Sale at Genesis!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Any newcomers to the area might be interested to know that Easton has bike trails along its rivers that go all the way to New Hope, PA. If you're looking for an excuse to get a new bike and hit the trails, here's your chance!

A message from Tomias, owner of Genesis Bikes:

Friends and Customers;
Our Annual Spring Sale ended just a few hours ago.  Whew!  I've run a lot of big sales in almost 38 years of owning Genesis Bicycles, but I have to say that this was one of the

strangest I can recall.  If you came to the store on Thursday or Friday, you will have noticed that the sale was uncharacteristically calm and subdued - maybe it was the lousy weather.  But if you shopped on Saturday or Sunday... the store was so busy that you may have had trouble getting help from a salesperson.  Talk about feast or famine!
We discused this when the store closed today and after thinking about it as I pedaled up the hill on my way home from work this evening, I've decided to extend our Spring Sale for one more week.
So whether you stayed home because of the weather on Thursday or Friday, found the crowds too big on Saturday or Sunday, were out of town, or just wish you would have grabbed that sweet Cannondale or Trek you were looking at... Here's your chance!
A ton of bikes, clothing, and accessories were sold these past few days, but we have still have a huge selection in store for you.  We're holding over the sale prices on everything and will even still honor all of the great coupons, including the coupon for spring servicing for your bike.  And just in case the weather plays tricks again... here's a special coupon for that as well!

Thank you for helping my business grow and thrive since "Genesis Bikery", (as the store was known back in the day), opened in a tiny store in downtown Easton in 1974.  I really appreciate your business and your support.
Tomias Hinchcliff


ikindle said...

The Delaware Canal State Park Towpath trail runs from Easton all the way to Bristol, 60 miles south along the Delaware. New Hope is roughly in the middle. Unfortunately parts of the trail are closed right now due to flood damage.

The other direction one can ride on the Delaware and Lehigh trail from Easton to Allentown, and hopefully soon all the way to Wilkes-Barre. Again some flood damage between Easton and Bethlehem. But before too long Easton stands to be a hub on a 165-mile hike and bike trail.

Hopefully we'll soon be seeing easier connections between the trail and downtown because a long distance bike trail like this can be a major tourism draw!

noel jones said...

ikindle--thanks so much for the info--that is so great to know! once these trails are all connected and complete Easton should market the hell out of them!

runner said...

This area has miles and miles of trails, some connected, some not. I run on them all the time and they are vastly underused.
I'm guessing most people don't have the energy or dedication to get off of Facebook or texting on their phones.

noel jones said...

runner--probably some truth to that, but I also think that a lot of people are unaware of where best to access the trails, what condition they're in, and where they go. having readers experienced with the trails like you and ikindle posting comments like this really helps the everyone to educate each other and spread the word so that all of Easton's recreational outlets are used by our residents and families more. thanks for posting!

eastonbikerider said...

and yet you Runner, you had time to post on a blog. congratulations on your smugness, because obviously YOU never spend any time on facebook or ever text anyone.
Genesis has numerous organized rides for people of all ages and abilities to help you get acquainted with what is available in the area.
Tomias is a great guy and an important part of the Easton community. he knows everyone yet does not get caught up in the petty politics that so many others feel the need to write about. he just runs a good neighborhood bike shop.

runner said...

Thanks for the congratulations on what you perceive as my smugness but I see as reality. I just don't see a lot of people on the paths.

No I don't have a Facebook and yes I text, rarely. And I have posted to this topic twice now, from work. So I'm using up my time when I should be working.

I agree 100% with you about Tomias. Great guy, great bike shop. I've purchased a bike from him and many other items.

noel jones said...

all snarkiness aside, it IS possible to be both web-literate and physically active--it's all about the balance...

noel jones said...

So what's the best trail/direction to go on a bike if one wants to take a short ride along the river and stay away from car traffic?

magi said...

Amazing work guv. I'm so stunned, it hurts. Definitely keen to see how it turns out!

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