Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And Then There Were Seven: The Spring Primary Renders Seven EASD School Board Candidates

Your candidates for the November general election:
Ronnie DelBacco (top left, R-Region 2), Frank Pintabone (top right, D-Region 2). Region 1 winners on both tickets (2nd row left to right) Bill Rider, Bob Fehnel and Bob Arnst. Frank Castrovinci (2nd from bottom--R-Region 3) and Kerri Leonard-Ellison (center--D-Region 3)

Posted by: Noël Jones

To get the run-down on the seven winners of the EASD school board primary, check out Colin McEvoy's article in the Express-Times.

Kerri Leonard-Ellison was the only incumbent to defend her seat, and she just missed sweeping the whole thing for both parties by 8 votes. 

Maybe she was able to overcome terrific anti-incumbent sentiment because she has worked so hard and made herself known as a vocal advocate for students and taxpayers alike. 

Or it may just be that the only public sentiment in Easton that is stronger than anti-incumbent sentiment right now, is anti-nepotism sentiment, as her challenger is the brother of the district's HR Director.

This will be the race to watch in November.

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