Friday, May 20, 2011

First 5th Street Community Garden Potluck of the Year Is TONIGHT!

The 5th Street community garden on S. 5th Street at the corner of Ferry.
Posted by: Noël Jones

Tonight (Friday) is the first Friday potluck at the 5th Street Community Garden, and the weather has decided to cooperate just in time! These were really nice last year and I'm excited that they are starting up again. Come out and see your neighbors, enjoy the view and enjoy some good food and drink! Below is a note from Joanne, guardian of community garden at the corner of 5th Street and Ferry in the West Ward:

Hi All,

Jim McGlyn and I just spoke.. debating whether or not to cancel this evenings potluck due to weather. 
He said something like, 'What the heck.  Tomorrow's supposed to be the end of the world so let's go for it.'

So, unless it's raining beyond a heavy sprinkle, thunder, lightning... this evening's potluck is on. 


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dbw said...

wish i could be there. i really enjoyed myself at those events. lot's of fun. great place to meet neighbors, find people with areas of related interest, and discover new ones! food is always great, plenty of libations for all and one leaves with a sense of community value in their stride...