Friday, May 27, 2011

Kids Get a Greenhouse! Ribbon-Cutting June 4th at EACC

A new greenhouse now stands in back of the Easton Area Community Center at 9th & Washington Streets in Easton

Posted by: Noël Jones

I love hearing about kids unplugging to connect with and nurture life in the natural world. I also thinks it's always a good idea for city kids to know that food doesn't come from stores, but from farms and gardens. The West Ward Neighborhood Partnership has come through with a new greenhouse for the Easton Area Community Center that will do just that.

Below is a note from Esther Guzman, Director of the WWNP:

"After a few road blocks we are happy to say that the greenhouse was installed thanks to a great group of volunteers from Kingdom Builders.  The greenhouse has found a home at the EastonArea Community Center where the kids involved in their programs will be able to grow seedlings for use at the community gardens and for sale next year as part of their entrepreneurship program to have West Ward residents eat healthier.  We will have the “official” ribbon cutting on June 4th and we will be distributing plants.

I want to thank Joe from Jacobs Produce for storing the greenhouse for about 3 years in his warehouse, Mike Hollenbach for getting the volunteers and for building the greenhouse, Sophia, Yvonne, Joanne, Barbara, Cathy and all the gardeners that have been growing seedlings at the community gardens using all kinds of creative ways because we did not have a greenhouse in place and for making sure that we have plants to give out on June 4th.

I would also like to thank Anita Mitchell for letting us set the greenhouse at the Community Center, Mayor Sal Panto for paying for the permit and Becky Bradley and Cindy Cawley for all the technical assistance.

Thanks to all, it looks wonderful, it will be a great learning tool for the kids and for some of us that are no so young anymore, to learn all about gardening."

For more information contact:

Esther Y Guzman
Program Manager
West Ward Partnership Program
668 Northampton St.
Easton PA 18042
(610 515-0891

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