Thursday, May 5, 2011

Shots Fired on South 8th Street and Pine: Shooter at Large

Posted by: Noël Jones

Michael Buck of the Express-Times reports that three shots were fired Monday night at 10:10pm at South 8th and Pine Streets. I encourage you to click on the link above, read the article and look at the photo of the suspect, as he is still at large and believed to be in the Allentown area. He is considered "armed and dangerous" as the
officers were not able to recover the weapon.

That is the official report by police. The report I got from my neighbors that were around at the time, is that they heard three or four shots fired, and that a woman went running up S. 8th street screaming, and that the scuttlebutt on the street later was that police were looking for a relative of hers who shot at her and missed. The woman was later walking around and chatting at the intersection of S. 8th and Ferry until after 11pm with a bunch of other people milling about, apparently accustomed to such drama.

In the ET report, the man shot at another man and missed and there is no mention of anyone being related to anyone else. So it's interesting to see how much reports can vary. What we know for sure, is that this guy is a suspect, considered armed and dangerous, a bad shot (I would say "thankfully" except that when someone's a bad shot it increases their chances of hitting an innocent bystander) and suspected to be in Allentown. However it would do us well to keep in the back of our minds that if there is a chance he is related to someone in our neighborhood, we might see him here too.


Anonymous said...

another great job -- the EPD have identified the jerk and now the hunt is on. Let's get them all off the streets.

noel jones said...

Agreed. It has always bothered me that when there is violence reported in Easton, people have sought to reassure me by saying, "don't worry, it's all drug-related."

As if bullets are drug-dealer seeking missiles that will veer around innocent bystanders. I wish that everyone who owns a gun had to prove they could at least hit a target before being given a license. 3 shots at close range and all missed his target? That's three bullets that could have hit somebody else.

Thanks to the EPD for all their good work in the neighoborhood--we appreciate it!

Nikkita said...

That's pretty scary, Najja told me it was right in front of her friend's house....while her mother was taking out the garbage she was right in the line of fire.

Not good at all!

noel jones said...

Ugh. I hope the EPD and Allentown PD collaborate and catch him soon.