Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Tornado Watch for Our Area!

Posted by: Noël Jones

Everybody please be careful--there's another tornado watch for our area. Click here for the NOAA alert. Please post a comment here if you hear of anything, or especially if you see rotation in the sky...remember, everybody, the safest place is your basement with a flashlight, blankets and water (and the TV turned up high so you can hear it) or in a closet on the ground floor of your building, if you don't have a basement.

Please spread the word. Take care and be safe everyone!


tunsie said...

I yove you noel and its not tunsie...anonymous

noel jones said...

this tornado watch seemed bogus to me--it was sunny the whole time from where i was. did ANYONE in the greater Easton area see anything?

'nuther not tunsie said...

I went from Easton to Forks to Upper Mt Bethel to Easton and saw nuthin but the occasional big rain drop.
My brother-in-law in Wichita laughed when I bitched about a tree down last week.
It's all perspective.