Friday, June 17, 2011

Shots Fired Outside Brickhouse Tavern on 14th and Butler Streets

Posted by: Noël Jones

Easton police were called to the Brickhouse Tavern on 14th and Butler at 1:11am Thursday morning in response to multiple shots fired by patrons exiting the bar, caught in security

camera footage as reported by The Express-Times

There is no mention made of whether or not this shooting is thought to be related to the shooting outside Louie's Bar last week. One thing is for sure--this bar is bad news, as this is not the first time shootings have occurred outside this bar, and residents have been complaining to the city about it for years. 

Anyone neighbors who would like to address this issue with the county directly, can contact our Northampton County District Attorney, John Morganelli, who is in charge of property seizures on the basis of multiple crimes at a single property address. 

I understand from residents that the Brickhouse is also right next to a school bus stop, and that the bar opens early, with drunken patrons often hanging around outside when kids get dropped off.

The only description the article gives of a suspect in this incident is, "...a man wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants." It would be helpful to have more information, especially since the suspects have been caught on camera. Police are asking anyone with information to please call Detective Joe Alonzo at 610-250-6780.


Anonymous said...

this bar is owned by a Wilson Police officer and it needs to stop. I klnow the EPD are trying becasue I've talked to them several times when they respond to a complaint there. Between this bar and Eddie G's downtown they both need to be CLOSED. Call DA Morganelli and let him know. the cops can't close it only the DA.

noel jones said...

yes, if everyone calls the D.A.'s office, we might make progress on this sooner!