Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Republican Presidential Front-Runner, Mitt Romney, to Visit Allentown Thursday

Mitt Romney currently leads the New Hampshire polls with 36% of the Republicans polled.

Posted by: Noël Jones

According to Jim Deegan's article for the Express-Times, former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential primary candidate, Mitt Romney, will be visiting Allentown Thursday at 4pm at Allentown Metal Works Inc., a metal fabricating company that

closed down earlier this year, located at 600 S. 10th Street.

Despite his current numbers, Romney is not the ideal candidate for Republicans, as it will be difficult to skewer President Obama over the health care bill, when it was modeled after the health care system Romney implemented in his own state while governor.

There are two other problems presented in Mitt Romney as a candidate: 1. Mormonism, and 2. Bain Capital. I'm not sure how comfortable the average American voter is at the moment with the idea of non-mainstream religions, or  Wall Street bankers.

Anyone who would like to get a look at him up close, can check him out at the factory. If you go, please post your impressions here!


Anonymous said...

Will there be a parade?

Will he be wearing his magic underwear?

noel jones said...

did anyone get a look at him?

noel jones said...

here's Phillip Molnar's coverage for the Express-Times:

Homey D said...

Mits my nigga!