Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Easton's Zoning Board Says Yes to New Restaurant and Jazz Club and No to Check-Cashing

Bank Street Annex on Northampton Street in Easton
Posted by: Noël Jones

Here are two recent decisions by the Zoning Board that make me happy:

1. Ed Sieger reports for the Express-Times that the board approved parking variances for the owner of the State Grill and Cafe to open a burrito shop on College Hill near the campus, and for a new jazz club that is planned for the first floor of the Bank Street Annex on Northampton Street (pictured above).

2. Sieger also reports that the board said NO to a check-cashing branch seeking to open downtown.

I couldn't be happier about these two decisions. Yes to jazz and restaurants, and NO MORE pawn shops, check-cashing spots, dollar stores, etc.

Things are looking up for Easton! A new pub/restaurant in the West Ward (Black and Blue), a new brewery at the midpoint between the West Ward and downtown (Two Rivers Brewing Company), and now a new jazz club in one of Easton's more beautiful buildings downtown (Bank Street Annex)!


tunsie said...

U see...U see the zoning board ONLY says YES to JAZZ,cause they know whats important....pretty soon every place in easton will be a jazz club,and all that yucky music will go away.......I love U noel....tunsie

Julie Zando-Dennis said...

The check cashing stores, dollar shops, and tobacco outlets give a sorry reputation to beautiful Center Square. This was the right decision.

noel jones said...

Tunsie the Jazzmaster has spoken.